“I don’t need eight Champions League games to know what I deserve, not everyone can have Juventus’ DNA”

Gigi Buffon, former Juventus captain, was a guest at the Trento Sports Festival. The current Parma goalkeeper touched on many topics, but decided to start from Federer’s impending retirement: “He has given people so many emotions, and it is a shame to see him stop. As far as I am concerned, I keep playing for many reasons. Because I still feel strong and competitive and because I am in the golden age of an athlete. An age where I can even decide to stop whenever I want. I I have my time. My choices have always made sense. Like going back to Parma, because I am a man who is as happy to see a fan as he is proud to see me in goal again with Giallobl. I have won a lot in my life but I have also given up other titles. I am very happy that I struggled to win them, But personally I have also made successes with people’s affection. And to know how much I deserve, I don’t need the example 8 Champions League. Even without winning them, I know how strong I am. Criticisms? They are gasoline, especially in old age. As a boy, on the other hand, they They hurt you and risk destabilizing you, When you are mature and know what you deserve. Rhythms become a motivator. Sometimes I needed it. For example: When I played well I didn’t read the newspapers, because it probably threw me out of balance When things went wrong, I loved Criticism, see who also came, it is clear in the quote Ah, I hate him. The perfect offer? Those who look blindly or as a layperson fail to realize the importance of seemingly obvious saves or exits. Sometimes I go back to my teammates thanks to them who I broke the unbeaten record against Torino. In a team, a goalkeeper with a call, a situation, or a word, can help the group. They have a fundamental importance that perhaps not everyone can understand. Can I be more diplomatic in life? No, you may have made mistakes at a young age. Even if they served me in the end. You have always taken responsibility and paid for it personally. And they leave their marks because they hurt. Some things I will never do again, but from the age of thirty onwards, all I did and said I would do again. In those moments I felt the urge to do so. Maybe now I can react differently. Parma? romantic story. It is a dimension that I love, that reflects who I am and who I am. It makes me feel better. Sometimes when I’m with the guys in the locker room, I have a lot of fun. Sometimes I’m stupid, not the teacher (laughs). In my opinion, they were surprised, because they might have been expecting another situation. I talk to them, I joke, and in the end normality is the real violation of a person. And as usual with my teammates, I’m fine, even better. Chiellini? I miss her, we shared so much of life. He is like everyone else. Participation is the great thing in team sports. With the historical mass of Juventus, we have grown together in everything: mentality and ability “.

Buffon also focused on Juventus: “What do you want me to say? I can’t say anything because every word at the moment risks having an argumentative meaning and I don’t like it. Even when I was there we had a bad start sometimes, and then we got to the top. It’s a matter of the team’s DNA.” And individuals. Not everyone can get the DNA of Juventus, a club with an equally clear idea and imprint. Mignan? When I came back from Paris to Juventus, they asked me about goalkeepers I said about Mignan at Lille, but no one thought. I was wondering why, when Milan escorted him sent a message to Maldini, saying that few believed in him but they encountered a great goalkeeper..

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