I have seen the misfortunes of my colleagues

Gabriel Rodrigo conveys his decision to quit riding motorbikes immediately with a video message: “There are too many risks to life, it’s not worth it.”

Gabriel Rodrigo Enough said, for him, the game isn’t worth it: the thrill of speed, the loneliness with the wind whacking on two wheels no longer tip the scales on that side if there is life on the other board, comfortable with loved ones. There are moments when certainty fades and what once seemed to be one’s destiny appears in an entirely different light: The light of bad thoughts and fear. A driver cannot be afraid of racing.

So at the age of 25, the Argentine sent a video message on Instagram Immediately retire from motorcycles. Rodrygo, who participated in the World Cup Moto 2, a chapter he grew up in just this year after eight seasons in Moto3, and had just split from his SAG Kalex Team, after disappointing results for the first part of the championship. The results are not only difficult to adapt to the bike, but also from severely conditioned winter readiness serious accident It just so happened last year that he had a serious shoulder problem.

Gabriel Rodrigo riding SAG's Kalex in the Moto2 World Championships last March

Gabriel Rodrigo riding SAG’s Kalex in the Moto2 World Championships last March

This accident and the danger seen up close, along with the tragedies the two-wheeled world has witnessed in recent years, prompted Rodrygo to hang up his helmet.He explained in his letter:I inform you that I will end my sports career. The idea has been in my head for some time, but I want to explain to you why I made this decision. It all started last year: Shortly after signing for a move to Moto2, I had a very serious accident in training, in which I risked my life. This thing, along with the recent misfortunes of some colleagues, made me reconsider the situation, if it was really worth continuing to risk so much riding a motorbike.“.

Now there is her calling in life, with a force he has never felt before, there is Ella whom he has recently married. The bike will come later: “I have many projects, I love my life, and so do the people around me, and I am no longer willing to risk losing all of this. I am glad I made this decision. I have been talking about it for some time now with my psychiatrist, who has helped me reach the maturity stage to decide on this very important step for me. When I got off my shoulder I had time to listen to my body and my heart and what they were asking of me. It no longer makes sense to keep running. Now I want to stop, devote myself to other things, to the people I love, and who I neglected to engage in this passion that I was fortunate enough to turn into a job“.

Rodrigo with his partner Ella, whom he just married

Rodrigo with his partner Ella, whom he just married

I’m proud and happy with what I’ve done – The former driver has now concluded – I have so many special memories and met so many wonderful people. Thanks to this sport I became the person I am now. I say goodbye with a smile, with affection, and thank you for these wonderful years“Now there will be more for Rodrygo: bikes from the past.