“I seal with my heart in peace. Marquis was the strongest »- Corriere.it

From Paolo Lorenzi

The rider retires “in front of my friends and on the track where I debuted with a 125, winner. Now I dream of racing motocross bikes, but I keep the door open for everything”

How did you live your last race?

“Having absorbed it, I live it quietly. It’s not like waking up suddenly and asking, “Oh my God, what do I do now…?” ». And Andrea Dovizioso will return the suit to the closet on Sunday evening, after greeting the fans who will come to Misano for one last hug. MotoGP will lose what Pecco Bagnaia called “one of the most important Italian riders ever”.

Why in Misano and not in Valencia the last stage?

“This is the place to finish, in front of friends and on the track where I made my debut with a 125, a winner.”

MotoGP has a crisis in characters, but you’ve conquered the audience with the results.

“I don’t live on social media and consider myself a real person, unlike some pilots, the characters are only on the front. But I am a person. I became one by fighting with Marquez.”

Luca Cadalora jokingly defined it as “as gray as asphalt,” which has since become the title of his book.

“Exactly right, until 2016. Then I changed and becoming competitive with Ducati changed my perceptions of me. I am no longer the color of the asphalt, but I have remained with my qualities.”

What has changed?

“I have learned to approach everything that has happened to me, both on an athletic and personal level, in a better way. It’s like finding out that you have a larger displacement.”

Between the first MotoGP victory in 2009 and the second in 2016, 7 years and 130 races passed: how do you explain that?

“The results were there earlier. I was third or fourth, not the last, but after 2016 with Ducati we are really competitive. I have always tried to improve myself, and if I keep looking, you will always find something in you ».

More talent or more jobs in your career?

“People think there is more dedication towards me, but that is not entirely true. If I had not worked hard, I would not have stayed at the top for 20 years. But it basically takes talent, and in huge doses.”

What is the importance of luck?

“Whoever says that a pilot falls because he is unlucky does not understand anything. If you don’t win for many years it’s not the fault of bad luck, the results are built by putting the pieces in place.”

So you don’t feel the credit for luck?

Are you referring to meeting the best heroes at the same time? It is a somewhat reductive view. Marquez won because he was stronger. a point. Hiding behind bad luck is a big mistake.”

Her critics say she uses her head a lot.

“Using your head does not mean sacrificing competitiveness. Sometimes you throw yourself in and sometimes you don’t.”

In the book he wrote with Alessandro Pasini, he said: «Lorenzo in Ducati lifts me».

Because “he was expecting to dominate but I knew it would be different. But it helped me grow. From there I became stronger.”

He also said:Simoncelli has always been in my head».

“We have always been rivals, since we were eight years old. He was a very strong and aggressive guy, he would whip you. When he disappeared, I felt empty for a long time and I didn’t expect it. I respect him very much.”

He found a Marquis at the top on your way. Otherwise, he would have won the title.

“Three times a second, but I do not feel defeated. My development in those three years was important and standing behind it was not a foregone conclusion. I did not win but I realize that I lost to a champion.”

What will be your priorities from Monday?

“I have a dream: to race a dirt bike again. Even if I get old… and then I’ll keep the door open for everything. Even in the ring.

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