In the Juventus dressing room, Nedved cries in front of Allegri and the managers: What happened?

Juventus’ defeat against Benfica revealed the ailments of the Bianconeri. A violent explosion of Pavel Nedved in the locker room.

The season has just started, but at home Juventus It really does blow good air. Mixed results in the league, two out of two Champions League defeats, and a very negative performance, with the team also lagging behind in terms of physicality. Hopes of a return to success, also fueled by a leading market, gave way to the fear of ending another season without joys and without titles. On the dock there Massimiliano Allegri, Not only able to break the joy, but also the management: in short, it seems that the harmony in Juventus distant memory.

Juventus Benfica In fact, he has exposed all the current limits of the old lady, even in the stands where the voids in the stadium confirm that this system No longer scares anyone. In addition to the alarming performance, there are also other signals that ring the alarm bell. Di Maria’s Lip in Melek, which was intercepted by cameras, highlights the group’s particular distrust of the technician’s choices. A technician saw that his situation had become complicated in recent days.

The Arrivabene joke (“Allegri is acquitted? Will you pay the other amount?”) To the fan, he confirms that Juventus insist on Max at the moment, but does not take into account the exemption hypothesis mainly for economic reasons. But be careful, because if things should go wrong at this point, it will be It is necessarily necessary to take action, given that a Champions League elimination and a fourth-place runner-up could represent insignificant damage for financial affairs.

What do you do next? Hoping for a quick turnaround, but not without calling everyone, especially Allegri too. Here was Pavel Nedved, who in the past resorted to the proverbial “stick” putting “carrot” aside, to try to play the charge. On the other hand, the Czech vice president has never been a major fan of Allegri, since the days when Paracchi was still there. Their role was instrumental in bidding farewell to a Tuscan coach, in choosing to attempt a new path, and in focusing on a more compelling game. Last year, after the Coppa Italia final defeat to Inter, it was really like that Nedved to face everyone with their responsibilities in the locker roomthen also complains to President Agnelli, in the past the main “patron” of Max.

Allegri was reported by managers before the start of the season

Allegri was reported by managers before the start of the season

And now the scenario has repeated itself, with a partially changed scenario where Allegri appears to have fewer and fewer allies within the department and the group. If indeed the faces of the Juventus leaders during the Champions League match against Lusitania were a complete programme, then in the post-match Nedved himself decided to go to the facts with a real explosion.

Executives always go to the locker room after games are over, but this time things took a different turn. The former midfielder and current vice-president exploded, complaining about what he saw on the pitch under the eyes of the coach and other Juventus leaders. The confrontation was very long and in fact Allegri presented himself in front of the microphones for interviews later than usual. Therefore, it is not the first time that Nedved has raised his voice, but this time the surge arrived at the beginning of the season in a very difficult and tense atmosphere, also due to the separation between the players and the coach, and between the latter and. club. But at least they all agree on one thing: now we need silence and pedal.