Inter, with Barcelona you play it if Inzaghi … Vernazza comment

Bayern is too strong even for the Blaugrana. It is superior but within the reach of Inzaghi’s team, a few inventions suffice

It’s too early to say if Inter have recovered, but the victory in the Czech Republic confirms that a recovery is underway. Winning isn’t easy at all, let alone the Champions League, and Victoria Plzen doesn’t deserve to be neglected. There is a rich case record in trips to the East, plain-looking and sealed with ominous results. The stadium is small and full, people are on it, opponents run like damned. Inter relied on a superior technical caliber and a physique that can withstand many shocks. The 0-0 goal was scored by Edin Dzeko, from the height of his 36 years and 26 goals in the Champions League. Accurate and cool blow as a result of the experiment. Gesture is memorized over time. It is fitting that for the second time in a row no goals were collected, 1-0 against Toro and 2-0 yesterday, with mutual goalkeepers: Saturday Handanovic, the best of the match; Yesterday Unana, almost inactive.


The damned Acerbi passed the first exam, and his performance was without question. More tests will be needed, but in the near future, the Acerbi solution is confirmed as logical and practical. The central defender replaced De Vrij and was in the game more than anyone else, reports indicate that it was the Inter player who touched the most balls (126) and who made the most passes (110). In the first half, he came close to scoring with a shot in the Czech region. These are the numbers and effects of sudden acclimatization. Acerbi played 135 games in Lazio in Simone Inzaghi and a lot in common could become valuable, if we stay in the present and not go to the distant future. Plzen’s evening gives way to one crucial note, it took Inter so long to score a safety goal. He dominated long and wide distances, enjoyed a numerical advantage starting from a quarter of an hour into the second half due to Bocha’s dismissal, and in eleven to ten for a few minutes, he gave Victoria a few chances. The tension subsided, then Dumfries revitalized the current with a 2-0 assist with Dzeko’s help and it was all over there, but in a more difficult context the momentary mental deficit could have been pushed. In any case, back-to-back victories against Torino and Viktoria Plzen, without conceding a goal, are the right answer to a false start. On Sunday in Udine, it was the test of all three, against an opponent who is indigestible because he is muscular and fast.


Late in the evening there is another good news, Bayern’s clear victory over Barcelona, ​​a result that has propelled the Germans towards a very early qualification. Better this way, Bayern is unapproachable. Inter Barcelona snatched second place in the group, and access to the second round of the Champions League will be played in two face-to-face meetings, on October 4 at San Siro and 12 at the Camp Nou. Barcelona is a beautiful and imperfect team, not fully immersed in the ideas of its coach Xavi. Today it is difficult to determine whether Inter were able to beat them at least once, which is a binding condition for the passage of the round. The impression is that Barcelona is upstairs, but perhaps we underestimate the return of Lukaku, who has disappeared from the radar due to injury. The Belgian striker pushed us away a bit, as if his return to Milan was a summertime hallucination. We are encouraged because with Barcelona, ​​Inzaghi dares the insurmountable, subject to imagination. For example, Lautaro, Dzeko, and Lukaku can try to use a trident. With the usual 3-5-2 he would have depended on the usual, but in the Champions League you always need something extraordinary. Besides, we think Inzaghi will play as usual and he may be right.