Inzaghi and Allegri are similar crises. Barigelli Comment

Lack of results, matches and ideas: favorite matches, in a few weeks Inter and Juventus lost

The two arch-rivals of Italian football have never looked like each other as they do now. Juventus and Inter are in a deep crisis in results, games and ideas. They started out as top favourites, lost within a few weeks. It is not many, or not only, the points remaining on the field that give rise to the word crisis but the services provided, not quite in line with the investments made and much less than the potential of two teams in terms of quality and quantity obligate those whom he paid to fight for the Scudetto.


Allegri resorts to injuries and many absences, which certainly exist. But they do not explain the negativity of the team, the perversion of some players, the absence of team spirit. Juventus led by Allegri have always waited for their opponents even in the good years they had, those in the Scudetti groups. In this Juventus, the desire to remain attached to the result has disappeared, there is no longer the irony with which he was able to exploit all the exploitable opportunities, and there is no more evil in defence, on the contrary. Gone is the fierce determination he used when there was an impossible situation to recover. This Juventus does not play as a team. Unrecognizable and most valuable purchases: Di Maria, Costek, Paredes. He set off on the turn route already taken by Vlahovic, who in order to score must cling to free kicks or penalties because he has nothing else to do. In this moment of Juve’s shaky solidity, and of course the granite, there is only the heavy knot that binds Allegri to the club. Will you hold out? For now, yes, at least until the company thinks it has more to lose in holding it than dealing with costly termination. Juventus cannot not move to the knockout stages of the Champions League, and at the same time give up qualification for the next edition.

I’m Nerazzurri

Inter lives in the same situation. Inzaghi has a team last season, with the exception of Perisic. But no matter how strong the Croatian is, his absence is not enough to explain why Inter have fallen for such impressive results and play. It’s not even a physical team anymore, because Udinese dominated it from start to finish. Inzaghi faced a group that was Italy’s champions, and instead now roams the middle of the table, losing three times in the league out of seven matches. Technical responsibilities are clear. He demanded his full confidence in collaborators who did not seem to have given much to the cause. Correa, wanted to overpay but always imperceptible, like Kaiseido last year. Yesterday he missed a change after half an hour Bastoni and Mkhitaryan when the match was well balanced. A technical error can only fuel confusion within the team. The club believes Inzaghi can represent the soft, reassuring and less obsessive version of Antonio Conte’s system, including the game. But without obsession there are no results. The club was also wrong: for example, not closing the deal to buy Dybala. Inter will be different with him. But Juventus will be. That is why the two enemies forever, as we have said, have never been like one another as they are now.

the others

Pioli is right to be unhappy with Milan. He dominated the match but lost. Lots of opportunities are taken away, in some cases due to excessive security. It is true that there are two passes, but there is also a series of unforgivable mistakes in these challenges. Napoli had the advantage of playing to win when, after Giroud’s draw, they looked on the verge of not keeping up with the comparison. However, they are the two biggest European teams, without awkwardness and tactics, and are well prepared. The real surprise is that Gasperini revisited Atalanta in a more solid and less exciting version, and for that very reason there is still room to grow. Beating the best Roma in the league at Olimpico is a sign. Mourinho has plenty of time to take advantage of what the team presented in the upcoming matches, especially in the second half. It’s a very strange tournament with a very long World Championship hiatus (never before in history) and the second part is the focus of the games and the tension. Not only can anything happen, you will see that anything will happen.