Italy – England, Mancini: “Spinazzola told me to stay at home”

The Italian coach before the match against England: “Spinazzola asked me not to be called up. I didn’t bring the others because they are two games, I didn’t want to call too many of them. Verratti came home. Pellegrini will be evaluated”

By our reporter Andrea Elephant

To the uncertainty over the outcome of a very insidious group in the Nations League – for Italy there is a chance of winning, but also the risk of relegation – Roberto Mancini has been added as available to face the double challenge with England (Friday in Milan) and leaders Hungary (Monday in Budapest). ): After Chiesa, Berardi, Florenzi and Locatelli also lost Verratti, who has already left the blue haven (“Marco couldn’t even walk, we’ll call Fratesi”) and the next day for hours she should rate Tonali (fatigue, but the first tests said it was nothing serious) and Pellegrini (problems with the folds), while Politano, who got out of Milan-Naples, “has no major problems,” ct said


What must now conclude itself between two opposing needs: “Trying to win both games is a priority: our group where anything can still happen.” But it is also a priority to follow up on the renewal speech that began before the summer, “and in fact, along with the most experienced players, there are also the people who were called up last summer.” The goal is “to find enthusiasm and fun again”, even if the coach does not hide that “until December it will be very difficult months”. It was also difficult to make the call-ups, especially for the attack: “Italy has always had great strikers: it’s an anomaly. Unfortunately, few Italian strikers play for the big names, Scamaca has gone to a difficult tournament and it will take some time, 4-5 months, to understand the ball. English football well. Today there is only constant among the top scorers in the league: this creates some difficulty for us, it is not a very small problem, but I hope it is not a phenomenon. Irreversible. Like the past years with defenders and midfielders, maybe they suddenly flourish. In the meantime we can just keep doing what we’re doing: We also look at the second division and try not to make mistakes, and come up with what is there.”


Among what is there, Mancini explains why he hasn’t had Spinazzola (“he called me, told me he’s still not very good and needs to work those two weeks”), as well as Zaniolo, Calabria, Belotti and Mancini: “We only have to play two games and I don’t want to.” Lots of players, considering I had to send them to the stands and they play a lot anyway, every three days. As for Insigne he would have come, but he had a serious family problem.” It is difficult to think of changing the game system in a few days, but Mancini did not rule out thinking of other tactical hypotheses: “You can do everything, but it does not seem to me that this is the dilemma: it is always important to have the same character and the desire to play well More than units. Almost all of them play in 3-5-2, but almost all of them are multi-purpose and can play in other systems. But I do not a priori reject the idea of ​​change, because sometimes we adapt and make it a necessary virtue, even if we run the risk of stretching through Change: Physically we are not very strong, we need to dribble as much as possible and always stay short.”