It’s almost a guess

Engineer Jock Claire, one of Ferrari’s most experienced men, has revealed that the team has yet to understand the reasons for the sudden drop in F1-75’s performance in the middle of the 2022 Formula 1 World Championship after the start it was in. On par with Red Bull and that with these new individual seats we are going forward by trial and error to solve problems.

I 2022 Formula 1 World Championship Now take a clear trend with Max Verstappen who, when there are still six races left at the end of the season, has already secured his second world title as well as Red Bull Practically mortgage those reserved to builders. It is a result that, given the balance observed in the first part of the tournament that was Ferrari With Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz fighting on equal terms with the Austrian national team, no one expected him.

It is natural to wonder how a world championship that, apart from strategic errors and car reliability problems, could have started with two cars, F1-75 and the RB-18and drivers, Leclerc and Verstappen, from equal level Instead it was turned into a real field by the Dutch company Red Bull. No need to think about it It was the development of the two machines that made the difference With the Milton Keynes doing better than the Maranello team in a one-seat ground-impact who, thanks to a change of regulations, they don’t quite understand yet.

What we saw on the track in the second part of the season (the Dutchman’s RB-18 obviously had more race performance than the F1-75 for Monaco and Sainz at any type of track) seems to confirm that. The Austrian team was more adept at developing their cars of his colleagues in red. To confirm this feeling now come the words One of the most experienced men in the Ferrari engineering teamie, chief performance engineer clear jockwho tried to explain why A sudden gap between red and red bull Revealed after the French Grand Prix:

Quite frankly, If we know the reason, then we will have the magic wand. It’s really hard to solve these things. There are teams that find excellent performance in competition and teams that are finding it very difficult. It’s a real puzzle. This is why this job is not easyThe 59-year-old Briton said in an interview with

Then the Ferrari engineer himself revealed that the team is still not clear The reason for the sudden drop in F1-75 performanceeven if stressed, how can you at each race understand something more about the behavior of a single seat which, thanks to the new regulations, retains so many unknowns even to those who designed and built them, that many times one is forced to proceed by trial and error:

We honestly don’t know all the answers and we still don’t understand exactly what happened at the spa – he said clearly –. At Monza we seem to have understood something of what happened in Belgium. Over the course of the year, we’ll probably discover other things, but We learn all the time e – Then the expert engineer from Cavallino commented – There are a lot of areas that you should roughly guess.