It’s the last cartridge for the arm.

The fourth operation on his arm brought him back his smile and hope, but Marc Marquez will have to be patient before he seeks to return to certain levels. On the other hand, this MotoGP season has nothing to offer in terms of results, there will be six test races for his body and for the Honda RC-V in search of new contours. He’s doing the impossible, he’s back three months or so after his last osteotomy, in the 2023 season he wants to be the driver to outdo him again.

Marc Marquez from Misano to Aragon

His last Grand Prix outing dates back to May 29, in Mugello, just before he got on a plane to the States. “When I stopped in Mugello I didn’t expect to come back here – Marc Marquez said Thursday of the Aragon Conference -. But step by step it got better and better and I worked hard to achieve this goal. After the tests we analyzed my case with the doctors and saw that there was an opportunity to try. It’s important for me to cycle for next season, for me and for Honda“.There is no ambition to climb to the podium, Champion Cervera can’t take any chances at the moment and the setup is not stellar yet.”My chances of getting on the podium are 1%. I’m very far from my physical condition, in this case I’m talking about muscles, not fully healed bones“.

Possible new stop

The MotoGP calendar includes a trio of back-to-back races between Aragon, Japan and Thailand, a major effort even for the most discerning athletes. It cannot be ruled out that Marc Marquez could miss the East Grand Prix so as not to put too much pressure on his right humerus. “Speaking to Honda, there’s a chance I’ll stop in Japan or Thailand in the middle of the weekend if I don’t feel well. Starting from here was my dream, but I have to stay calm. Then, in the winter, I’ll figure out where I am, and work on trying to get my arms back to full levelIt is forbidden to take the longest step, in the pits of Honda everyone knows that there will be no other possibilities: “It’s the last cartridge for this arm“.

Back to the top of MotoGP

A major effort is also needed on the part of the Human Rights Council to return to victory. In the Misano MotoGP test, the Japanese manufacturer brought a new one Aluminum swingarm made by Kalex (Available on Aragon), some aerodynamic changes, other engine specs for 2023 coming soon. “They work hard and understand the situation and know we are far away, especially from Ducati and Aprilia. Next year I will have a strong teammate, the riders are around, and now they lack the tools to fight for the world championship…the swingarm follows a different concept, which I can use at the weekend“.

Compared to last May, Marc Marquez hasn’t found a different bike, and no crucial updates have arrived since sunrise to make a difference in this world championship. “We have no info on the front tire, and the bike doesn’t spin like I’d like it to. This means we have to tend to get out of turns a lot and lose control and acceleration, all as a result of something. They work hard, the bike is better than last year, the problem is that others have improved more than us“.It will be difficult to get out of this moment of technical crisis.”In the past few races, we’ve seen Honda go through a tough moment. The best result was 11th place for my brother in Misano“.