Jeremy’s Cube of Wollongong World Championships

Big events are now also a showcase for bike companies, who use them as opportunities to stand out and always create something new.

The personal appearance of Girmay’s Cube World Championships, which recalls the colors, goes in this direction del eritrea (Girmay’s country of origin) It certainly does not go unnoticed.

Intermarché rider, Wanty Gobert, one of the top candidates for the World Championships at Wollongong 2022, which offers a classic northern track that perfectly fits its characteristics.

For Sunday’s race, which promises to be very fast, the Eritrean chose to use Cube Litening Aero C: 68XThis is the most aerodynamic version among those proposed by the German brand.

The special coloring designed for the world championship is really successful.
The starting colors are those of Eritrea flag (red, green and blue), which then fades to black for the lower frame and fork.
In addition to the red and green colors that can be seen very well in these photos, in fact, with close observation you can see that On the left side, green is replaced by blue.

Jeremy's Cube for the World Championship

Jeremy's Cube for the World Championship

Moreover, the writing on the top tube stands out Vinnie, Fedi, Bennywhich makes a beautiful home for the famous phrase in which Julius Caesar declared his lightning-fast victory over the army of Varnas in 47 BC, but perhaps the team also has another meaning that we can’t know.
Who knows if it would be a good omen for Girmay too…

above writing is the same The emblem depicted on the Eritrean flagWhich symbolizes three olive branches. The two side branches, each containing fifteen leaves, represent thirty years of the struggle for the liberation of the country. The six flowers of the central branch represent the six regions into which the nation is divided today.

Jeremy is 184 cm tall and rides on one of them Size 56.

Jeremy’s World Championship Cube: Components

Girmay’s Cube is equipped with an electronic kit Shimano Dura ICED2 12 speedbut as we’ve seen a lot this season, the crankshaft is 11 speed.
There are no particular secrets, only a need due to the difficulty of finding ingredients, which also affects the Pro’, especially in some relationships.

In the rear gearbox we find a cage with signed oversized rollers CeramicSpeedallowing you to save less watts by reducing friction.

Carbon wheels signed by a German company neomin. This is the SL R.65, which as the name suggests has a 65mm profile. We’ll see if Girmay uses this profile on Sunday or opts for a more versatile and lighter 50mm.
The 65mm version weighs 1,574 grams and has an 18mm internal channel, which is pretty narrow by modern standards.
The tubeless tires are Continental GP5000 S, fitted with liquid-valve and Effetto Mariposa.

To complete the setup, we find the Prologo saddle and integrated ICR carbon stem, which is fitted to the bike. Note, for maximum aerodynamics, the assembly without gaskets and the large length of the stem.

The total weight of a bike with this stand, without pedals, should be approx. 7.4 kg.

Almost identical setup, except for the color of course, is available for purchase with the Litening Aero C: 68X model SL. The price is really competitive, like almost all Cube products, since we are talking about 7,299 euros.

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