Juventus, Allegri vs Benfica conference live

The Juventus coach tries to put the disappointments and controversy after Salernitana behind him: he finds Di Maria, but it is an emergency in midfield.

turn the Champions League and the Juventus You should immediately deal with a very accurate appointment. Coming on Wednesday evening at the stadium Benficawhich you will need one against Victory at any cost: To arrange, given the defeat in the first round against psgand to get rid of the disappointments and disagreements that followed 2-2 inside with Salerno. the above Allegri find again Angel Di Mariaat least off the bench, but he is still in full emergency in midfield, with Locatelli and Rabbit (plus Pogba) Still in the pits. “Tomorrow will not be decisive, but very important – the coach’s words at the conference -. It will be necessary to play as a team and not amnesia. Sports judge? I hope a fine for charity will be paid, not disqualification (both arrived, editor)”.

Alegre Conference

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“We’ve got Di Maria back, but I don’t know if I’ll be with him from the start because he only did one training with the group. Szczesny might be available, while Alex Sandro had a problem with his confidant and we’ll rate him for Monza. Rabiot and Locatelli I’m out.”

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“Benfica has an important European history, they are a team that is used to playing these matches. They are a fierce team, they have 11 victories. Tomorrow is not decisive, but very important. We will have to play as a team and compact and we will not have to lose memory.”

on training options

“On Malik Milik, I have to evaluate, because I also have a doubt in the midfield, tomorrow I will decide. Anyway we are fine and we are getting our energy back to be at our best tomorrow night. Three-man defense? It depends on the characteristics of the players, we can also We disagree within the team. The competition.”

At the moment of the team

“We have to find the balance, try to understand the moments within matches. We always have a great desire to do that and that sometimes leads us to overdo it. The matches are long, we have more than 90 minutes to win and we have to be patient. Always play as a team. It is not a shame if The first half ended 0-0, the important thing is not to suffer. There the team must be good at not getting into a state of anxiety.”

About experience limits

“We have experience with many players, but we also have some who have very few games in the Champions League or even in the Italian league. Playing in Juventus is not easy, it is always under pressure. Bremer is second tomorrow in Serie A. Champions League which is an exceptional signing, but he is still second in the Champions League.”

On the selection of exteriors

“Cuadrado? With Alex Sandro out, I have Juan, de Sciglio and Danilo, who can do more roles. He can play as full-back and full-back and play in midfield. Thank God he’s there.”

Sue Vlahovic

“I’ve seen him improve in certain aspects and I’m happy with what he’s doing. Considering that he is among the least experienced international strikers he is among the best young players in the world with Haaland and Mbappe.”

In the final of Juve Salernitana

“I have never judged the referees, for me it was over on Sunday evening. I don’t know if I would be left out, although I think it is better for the coach to pay a fine, even if it is big, and do charity work. Very troubled technologists.? Hot, might take a bath in the sea… The reaction was wrong on Sunday and I’m sorry, but it was 93 minutes. Like I said I would have been happier with a fine than disqualification.”

Shortly after the technician’s words came Press release from the Sports JudgeA round of disqualification and a fine of 15,000 euros.

Danilo’s words: “The only goal is to win”

Also speaking at the conference Danilo: “Tomorrow we have to win the game – said the Brazilian defender -. We have to be balanced, play a smart game, but with the only goal of winning. We know we have to improve and we have to do it quickly, starting from the next game. We can give time like Salernitana, Because at this level you can no longer make mistakes. It will be as crucial as everyone else in the Champions League, but not winning the first game is more important. We must try not to feel too much pressure. The fans? That our fans will give us the right energy and we have to We are good at using it. We know we have to take a step forward also in terms of mentality, to get the victories that Juve require.” Then the former Real and City spoke about his team Function: “I have more fun as a central defender, I see the pitch differently.” finally Think of the discount“Benfica is a great team, with an amazing history. We respect them a lot, they have great players, both young and experienced, and a coach who has been able to make his mark”.