Juventus crisis progresses with Allegri, but the company is now divided: the background

go on with Max Allegri. The streak at Juventus does not change, post-Monza slips more or less like post-Benfica. Even if the situation also worsens in the league, even if the team seems to be in more crisis if possible. Allegri-out party has been boosted It is growing day by day, but it occurs above all outside the Continassa region. There the line does not change, we continue with Allegri by choice and by force.

Juventus have different views on Allegri inside the club

Continuing with the current coach does not mean inability to move. Are these, in fact, Days of meditation, confrontation and even clashes. There are those who want to change now and who are convinced that the accounts are always there and only at the end. In this specific case, the time of the final balances, if any, may be brought forward to November, even if the fixed horizon remains in June: as long as the course is reversed in the field and with the results, because Juventus is not good for anyoneSomething has to be done and done right away. Only this thing, Allegri should be able to do according to what is the result of the reflections made. there Pavel Nedved For a time, he drove his happiness to instant change, his revolutions (even towards the players) were no longer news, like the fact that he was, along with Fabio Paratici, who pushed for the failed revolution of Sari Pirlo-year period. On the contrary, it was Allegri’s return to the presidency of Juventus Andrea Agnelli The main protagonist, he wouldn’t change in 2019, he’s always been involved and approved of this four-year program that hasn’t even reached the halfway point. And while Agnelli is also currently and utterly disappointed with how the Allegri-bis has evolved, It seems that the time for a new revolution has not yet come Nor is it particularly close except for the currently unexpected inversions.

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Juventus, Allegri status

The word ‘release’ has spread much more than the word ‘resignation’. Behind the decision to move forward with Allegri, there is still a decision, why you like it or not Economic evaluations. Also, but not only: Salary 7 million net plus bonuses for each season until June 30, 2025 It’s a factor that can’t be underestimated, especially considering the costs another coach might charge as well. He knows it well and explained it just as clearly Maurizio Arrivabene In recent days, between a comfortable joke and a brutal real announcement: the budget that the board will agree on these days is clear, it will also be necessary to allocate a budget to Juventus from the Champions League groups and it will be the appointment that will inevitably face Allegri . question. Which was also confirmed for technical reasons. Because at Juventus it was concluded that changing the coach at this moment would bring more disadvantages than benefits, there are many problems that are difficult to think of solving only by replacing Allegri: if it is too easy, even the economic side will slip to the second floor. Then, in the box, it must be selected Coach thinks he’s rude At least equal to that of Allegri which he can prepare on the spot large scale projectother than the fact that Juventus, led by Agnelli, has never changed in the race (not even the year of Delnery). The boat hypothesis was swept away When the calendar still says “September”. Go with Max. At least for now.


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