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All with the pointer pointing to Max Allegri: he is the culprit in the Juventus crisis. We are among the first, keep in mind. We are not here to return to solar issues, such as the selection of players in the transfer market, sports training, lineups, and race changes like the one last night by Di Maria, which weaken rather than improve the team. . However, it is necessary to consider the results of a poll launched this morning by CalcioMercato.com (almost 4,000 votes in less than 6 hours) in which Juventus fans have assigned a significant part of the responsibility also to Andrea Agnelli and the Juventus administration in general. The survey is still open, and who wants to have their say.

Given that it is not always possible to win, and Juventus have already done so more than anyone else in Italy, It is important to remember that there are many ways to lose, and not all are the same, and not all are “guilty.” And Juventus in recent years has been the worst of it, Meandering between contradictory technical choices, impairing the economic and mathematical balance of the individual, and changing without finding one another. Fans know this, because they have a long memory, which is why 1 in 3 believe that Agnelli is the real culprit of the current situation, Because there is an autograph under every project as well as every budget.

His endorsement of price increases, which correlates with the team’s poor results, is sure to help empty the stadium, which was once a well-guarded fortress and always exhausted. Among the big teams, Juventus is the only one that has recorded a sharp decrease in the number of subscribers compared to 2020 (20,000 tickets sold, -27% compared to 2020), so far they are not compensated by tickets sold per match. In the Champions League, for example, in the declared “decisive” match against Benfica, there were only 34,000 people, of whom 2,000 were noisy (and later cheering) Portuguese fans.

From Allegri to Allegri, passing by Sarri and Pirlo, each time he follows the suggestions of his own instincts and the collaborators with whom he also stops. Being associated with Allegri for 4 years, with numbers out of the market in Italy, is nonsense that Juventus risk paying very dearly. But it could have been the same with any other technician. Why 4 years? Since when were such long contracts concluded? There are renovations, and they deserve rewards too: results are required, a mirror of reality. The current reality is the fact that a coach is on the verge of being excused, if such a massive contract isn’t there to guarantee it. But as we have already said and explained, not even that 50 million that Juventus must pay to Allegri between now and June 2025 is valid as an insurance policy if the trend continues to decline as in this first month of the season. (Two wins out of 8 matches, I got into the European League one step away, but I also hit the always dangerous situations, the team that plays poorly and does little, every time the tanks emptied after half a time).

Last night, he lost the match and Benfica faced the whole team (Les Di Maria, who was dubbed “Argentina player on loan for 3 months at Juventus”) I got insulted and whistled under the curve, because now it seems necessary every time you lose (to us frankly it just seems pointless and excessive). Then Allegri, embarrassed and disappointed, explained in his own way, but without the usual jokes, his reasons for defeat, saving us for once from injuries and absences. Andrea Agnelli remained silent again. Did he not know what to say or could he not say what he wanted?

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