Juventus Report Cards – The Vlahovic case is open. A lot of them get it wrong about just about everything

Juventus 1-2 Benfica, the story

Berain 7 Last fort, blameless on Joao Mario’s penalty and Neres’ double. Beautiful saves, a season window worthy of number one at the height of a great club.

Primer 6 In Allegri’s future memory: The Three is an entirely different player. He plays up front and makes practically no mistakes, as long as he is not allowed to score in front of the goalkeeper. A closed epilogue written with an opposite fate.

Bonucci 6 The confrontation with Ramos is physical, given, taken, steadfast. Regarding Benfica’s doubling, the bug is important for wrong times and recovery processes. He then makes extraordinary recovery interventions on his last dive.

Danilo 6 Speak like a veteran and play as a captain. It has become a true symbol of this Juventus, to be renewed at the height of the summit. The leader at first, then Neris grows up and is not supported by his comrades.

4.5 . square Non-alcoholic. Because everyone is always waiting for him drunk, impregnable, with the first samba steps to make the opposing defenders dance. Instead, Grimaldo anticipates and softens his moves. (From 58′ De Sciglio 5.5 Sign in and Juventus will be behind by four players, right-back with license to pay. homework and a little more)

McKennie 4.5.0 Update Whistle by fans: they must fit between the lines, sew the sections. It has no needle, thread, or compass. It does not combine right and wrong in both stages.

Paredes 5.5 He appears to be the specialist that Juventus lacked in long stretches of direction, the ball for Milik, and how he managed the match. Then the light goes out: in the second half only the errors, including the grave one that appears on Neres’ double.

Meriti 4.5.1 Youth sins: He recovers superbly at the end of the first half and then extends his foot just enough to award Benfica the penalty kick. After Paris, another night that doesn’t stand out but combines a lot of bugs. (From 58′ Di Maria 5.5 In a little trot. He got into the invention, Juve went through three in front, but it seems to be in quite a bad shape, even eating a goal after Kane’s job)

Costique 5 He starts off a goal and misses it, goes on and tries to get the right crosses out more in terms of quantity than quality. On two to one Benfica forgets to back off and does not forgive Neres. (dal 70′ ken 6 He enters and after a minute he touches a great goal. The story of his adventure with Juventus. approx)

6.5 . owned In the absolute sense, perhaps Vlahovic is stronger but in football there is a factor that many often forget. Function. Being the right man for a specific coach and playing style. Perfect for Allegri, the result proves it. (From 70′ Fagioli 5.5 He goes inside the midfield, also mired in Juventus with no more ideas, character and construction, in complete crisis. innocent)

Vlahovic 4 in an identity crisis. Unrecognizable back to the door, he loses in depth any encounter with Otamendi who is definitely not Jacobs. It is an open case, the fourth offline match and the third in a row.

Coach: Massimiliano Allegri 4.5 As for how Juventus is placed on the pitch, and how the match begins, it is a very different story than how the match ends. Juventus lost in the locker room: they did not reach Benfica’s level in sporting terms and for the 1,000th time they lost after scoring a goal. Psychodrama.