Juventus returning from injuries: Locatelli, Rabiot, Alex Sandro and Szczesny

The break for the teams provides the opportunity to restore those who have been suspended. Expect Locatelli, Rabiot and Alex Sandro on the set. And for Chezney, it’s time to take back the posts

Today, Juventus returns to training in Contasa, without calling 14 players in different teams, from the Italians Bonucci and Gatti to the Brazilians Danilo and Bremer (in the first call with Seleção). Thus Max Allegri will find himself with a few close friends, also because among those who have not left to retreat around the world there are a large number of injured players. Regardless of long-term patients Caio Jorge, Aki, Pogba and Kiza, the break will be an opportunity to redeem Manuel Locatelli, Adrien Rabiot and Alex Sandro. For all three, the goal is to be skilled and to be recruited on Sunday 2 October for a match against Bologna, in the return of the championship. A date that Juventus absolutely cannot fail, without absentees, including the suspended Di Maria. Locatelli missed Salernitana, Benfica and Monza due to muscle fatigue and his recovery appears to be clear. The situation is similar to that of Alex Sandro, who was stopped due to a problem with the flexion of his left thigh. On the other hand, Rabiot has a calf pain that will hopefully go away during the break.

Compared to the first leg at Monza, Allegri still has to provide a larger group of players. In addition to the possible return of Locatelli, Rabiot and Alex Sandro, Juan Cuadrado and Eric Melek, ineligible in the last match before the break, will return. Wojciech Szczesny can also be seen in goal against Bologna: only the goalkeeper returned to the bench at Monza, also to reward Mattia Perin for an excellent start to the season, but it is possible that on his return from Poland, where he joined his national team, he can take back the pregnant gallon. Szczesny has only played 133 minutes this season, but it must also be said that the goalkeeper has been Juve’s least problem so far. In fact, Perrin was an added value at the start of the tournament.

All of this, of course, best wishes for any hiatus in the national team. In this regard, the situation of Gleason Bremer, who spoke yesterday for the first time as a defender for Brazil, should be monitored alongside coach Tite at the conference: “Danilo and Alex Sandro introduced me to Juventus – he said – but even here for me this is the first time. I want to win a place in The World Championships in Qatar and I have 50 days to do it.” Bremer gnawed his teeth in recent weeks, although the discomfort below his left knee inevitably limited his recent performance. However, the Seleção’s allure was too strong to give in and Juve hope that with enthusiasm for the first call-up In Verdeuro, the little physical problem of the Brazilian midfield will disappear.So far Bremer was the only Juventus player to start at 1′.