Juventus Salernitana, Six Questions to Roque. The pictures are there, just better look at them

Turin – It’s not anyone’s fault. If anything, the camera that, damn it, didn’t capture Candreva’s location. One day a mechanic admitted to me that when you don’t want to admit something is wrong, you have to throw it at the technician to confuse the interviewer. And in fact, for two days, in order not to explain what happened in the Juventus-Salernitana final, we talk about cameras, image streaming, angles, automation, and then the FIFA President arrives who relieves everyone with a semi-hypnotic declaration: “Fault revealed but they weren’t wrong no The judges and no var.” Corollary of the Hague statement that claimed “clarification” by simply saying that the correct images were not available. From the three-card game to the 16-cam game: Bantee wins, and Melek loses, virgin ladies. No one answered, at first Judgment determiner Gianluca Rocchi, on six essential questions about the story of the unjustly canceled goal at Juventus.

1) How could six referees, four on the field and two on Var, have lost Candreva? So they did, when they drew the lines, so as not to wonder where that player in the white shirt ended up, which is so evident in the photos that Cuadrado took from below as he rounded the corner, the photos of everyone, including him, seen on TV? Is it really possible that everyone was distracted and forgotten about the player who, since the corners existed, was standing near the finish line a few meters from the fowl line?

2) Why didn’t the assistant Trinchieri, who saw everything well, intervene in the dialogue between Var and referee Marcenaro wondering if the offside line had been drawn on Candreva? Have we come to this point of succumbing to the judgment of the video totem?

3) Regarding point 2, is it possible to listen to the dialogue between VAR and the referees on the pitch?

4) Why is Bonucci’s offside considered active when he does not touch the ball and does not in any way disturb the goalkeeper who is looking away and, moreover, would never reach that ball?

5) Why, in seeing and reviewing the photos for Bonucci’s infiltration, did no one realize that Bonucci himself had been pulled by the shirt until his opponent was nearly naked? Why then is no more than a Boolean precision assigned?

6) Because the hypothesis of a technical error was not taken into account, after the football world unanimously recognized that Milik’s goal was correct, which he scored in the last minute from Juventus-Salernitana, affected him in such a way that the result was determined?

We need clarity, we need answers. Because the problem with Juventus-Salernitana is not the missing images, but the superficial and inappropriate use of those that are available as well as the faulty communication between those who rule on the field (theoretically the ruler of that game, in theory…) and who did so in Lissoni’s direction. Do not hide behind an alleged technological flaw by casting, very Italian, indifference to technical means that should have more then yes it will work as abroad. No, damn it, it would be enough to make better use of those you have and maybe even the eyes of those who live. While AC Milan coach Stefano Pioli also talks about the “worrying situation that happened in Turin”, other coaches, players and managers are a bit baffled by how wrong Sunday night has opened an impressive rift in Farr’s credibility.

Nobody will return the points to Juventus, but returning to the fans a more transparent reconstruction, and perhaps a very human admission of guilt will not only be an act of justice, but perhaps will repair this rift to avoid the insidious suspicion of malice. Faith from entering into it, which did not exist and never will in reality, but which occupied the imagination and conversations of Italians for years. Moreover, a little fidelity will make the climate “more calm,” as the federal president wisely hopes. But someone first has to take responsibility for the Sunday night mess, and it can’t be a camera.

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Juventus Salernitana, photos that testify to the crazy chaos of Var in Milik’s goal

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