KOGE – JUVENTUS 1-1 – The match ends here. Pokorney calls, Nelden answers. Everything will be decided in Moccagatta

90′ + 3 The game ends here. Pokorney calls, Nelden answers. Everything will be decided in Moccagatta.

90′ Three minutes of recovery

88 ‘Warning for Zinni who stops Carusa’s restart in midfield

86 ‘Juventus’ latest changes: Inside Rosucci and Doljan, outside Caruso and Zamanyan

83 & # 39; Juventus’ chance: Poatin tunnels, the ball ends in Pedersen who pulls out of the edge and forces Skiba to turn to a corner

79 & # 39; The change in Juventus: Girelli replaces Grosso

69 & # 39; Juve’s chance: Berenstein’s trick and counter-attack that bypasses the opponent’s defense and hits the ball and forces Skiba to intervene in a great way

65 & # 39; Cernoia tries to take a free kick: a shot

60′ Double change for Juventus: Inside Berenstein and Pedersen, outside Bonfantini and Caruso

53 ‘Excitement for Juventus goalkeeper: Koj hits the crossbar with Markusen

46′ starts the second half

45′ + 1 The first half ends here. Nelden replies to Pokorny. The Bianconer adventure in the final first half.

44 ‘First half in black and white with Montemoro searching for the advantage

42 & # 39; Juventus again! Another shot from a distance, Grosso tried this time: a shot that ends with the breath

41′ Zamanyan tried again from a distance, but a little high shot

36′ Zamanyan shoots straight on goal, no problem for Skiba

35 ‘Free kick from an interesting position for Juventus to commit a foul on Cernoia

29 ‘The total balance on the field between the two teams at this point in the match

21 ‘Youtube goal: Putine finds Zamani free of time placed in the middle for Nelden who scored the equalizer with a header!

16 & # 39; The rotation of the ball for Juventus is looking for the right opening in the Kogi defense

8 & # 39; Koge’s goal: Pokorny unlocks the game, the Danes in the lead. Carosa overcomes the Juventus defense and puts in the middle for Bocorni, who supports the net.

3′ Boattin tries on the spot with the left hand! Bianconer Corner

1 ‘The match begins

17:40 Pain in Gunnarsdottir’s right leg while warming up. Caruso will play in his place.

Official lineups

Boil (4-5-1): ski boat Faerge, Svendsen, Norheim, Obaze, Marcussen; Pokorny, Jankovska, Uhr Nielsen, Floy Nielsen; Carosa.

everybody. Randa Boldt

Juventus (4-3-3): Perod Magnin, Nielden, Linzini, Sembrandt, Poatin; Caruso, Zamanian, Grosso; Bonfantini, Cantor, Cernoia.

everything. Montemurro Available April, Forcinella, Pedersen, Rosucci, Girelli, Lundorf, Beerensteyn, Caruso, Salvai, Arcangeli, Pfattner, Duljan

Referee: Dimitrisko

Away from Koj’s home for Juventus Women, the first leg of the second preliminary round of the Champions League. Montemoro’s goal is to get a positive result in light of the return leg at home.