Leave WithU too, so why would MotoGP lose appeal (and money)? [TITOLI DI CORSA]

In the hours when everyone was starting to get closer to the weekend in Aragon, the 15th and far from the accidental (in world sprint) stage of the season arrived, out of the moto-economic news and not just the WithU news ready to focus its attention on something else and distract from MotoGP.

In short, the energy and telephone services retailer will terminate its sponsorship relationship with Razlan Razali’s RNF Racing team, which, pending 2023 and also with the support of the Europe Energy group company, announced the departure of Yamaha to become the Aprilia satellite team, with its riders roster consisting of Miguel Oliveira and Raul Fernandez.

Obviously, with these assumptions, the future takes on highly uncertain frontiers, and even for Aprilia herself, hungry for a special team to continue its development path, the version released in the past few hours is nothing but good news.

This is actually just an account of what WithU CEO Matteo Ballarin officially announced to his colleagues at Arena di Verona, but Ballarin’s interview and more generally about the whole thing elicits a much deeper reflection: “The sponsorship at MotoGP? – declares Ballarin – very demanding and market positioning Today it does not give a vision.”

Now, we must add that the partnership between WithU and the RNF Racing team has been closely associated with having on the saddle one of Andrea Dovizioso’s two bikes, which as we’ve known for five days is actually the movement’s past history, but Ballarín’s words cannot and should not close the door to broader ratings which , necessarily, it is necessary to invest time and ink.

We have already written it in unexpected times, and the feeling is that this profound generational transmission, with the withdrawal of the illustrious riders (Rossi, Lorenzo and now also Dovizioso) and the difficulties of others (the Marques), has left a legacy of poor communication that inevitably affects the entire commercial allure of motorcycles.

Nothing to take away from this class’s new champions, but as in any self-respecting historical move, there are risks and the mod phase spares none of them. Three months ago the news of Suzuki’s departure, today it is a pressing prospect for another team with uncertain prospects to say the least. As it often happens, for every potential problem, the important thing is to identify a possible solution, and even then we’ve already come up with some strategic, albeit questionable, remedy (Sprint Race for All Races Next Edition). It will not be enough, we know him as well as we know him, and thus space for new and compelling ideas, until the recent brain drain (and money) returns with the same surprise that it seems to have begun.

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