LIVE MN – Milan – Dinamo Zagreb (3-1): Popjol, three Rossoneri!

86 & # 39; Cross next to Leao, Dest does not frame the headers in the far corner of the goal.

83′ Double change at Dinamo Zagreb: inside Baturina and Marin, outside Petkovic and Orcic.

78′ Triple change in Milan: from Saelemaekers, Bennacer and Brahim Diaz, in Dest, Krunic and Messias.

77′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!!!! Pobega finds Theo Hernandez in the depths, and is still emptying towards Pobega who, with the help of the crossbar, achieves the goal of Three of a Kind!

74′ Orsic cautioned for simulation.

67′ double change in Milan: outside Tonali and Giroud, inside Pobega and De Ketelaere

62′ A change in the dynamo: Inside Spikic, outside Mohaarrami

59′ Free kick from the edge in favor of AC Milan. Great play by Leao.

55′ goal for Dinamo Zagreb. An exchange in the penalty area between Orsic and Petkovic, the first scored the goal 2-1.

50 & # 39; Pioli warned of protests.

46 ‘GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLL!!!! Liao accelerated to the left, cross for the unmistakable Saelemaekers in his head! 2-0!

45′ We start over!

Thanks to Giroud’s penalty one minute before the break, Milan took the lead at the San Siro against Dinamo Zagreb. A difficult first half of the match for Pioli, creating many chances but rarely hitting the net. Good news to open the game in the last minutes, but it will be important to finish the match in the second half

46′ End of the first half.

45′ one minute of recovery.

44′ GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL!!! Milano in feature! Jiro appears from the place and does not mistake the displacement of Levakovic!

42′ Penalty kick for Milan! Tonali digs up Liao, but they stumble upon him from behind.

40′ Giro pulls his chest in the middle of the area between two defenders, then kicks quickly but the score is too weak.

39 & # 39; Powerful left foot by Saelemaekers from the edge, Levakovic hard shot.

35′ Orsic’s right to turn, Maignan controls the conclusion to finish below.

33′ A beautiful cross from Ibrahim towards Liao who hit the ball poorly and sent it into a line.

31′ Ibrahim Diaz’s right from the 25-meter ball straight into the curve.

30′ cross by Theo towards Giroud, the Frenchman’s header ends in the arms of Levakovic.

27′ Chance Dinamo Zagreb. Left-handed incest in the area, Maginan covers his position and swerves into a corner.

21 & # 39; Botha from outside the region by Bennacer, para Levakovic.

15′ Ristovski tries from a distance: a conclusion comes out at the bottom.

14′ Dynamo free kick on the trocar with Orcic, Minan easy.

13 & # 39; Two obvious mistakes were not whistled against the Rossoneri: first a violent intervention on Diaz, then on Theo Hernandez who was fired at Rapertanza.

9 & # 39; Great work by Giroud on the edge of the zone, then starts first on purpose: a circular epilogue that ends outside.

7′ Ibrahim tries to cut the field with a high pass towards Giroud, but is inaccurate. Possession of Dinamo Zagreb.

5′ Nice cross from Saelemaekers, inaccurate Tonali enters with his header.

3′ AC Milan resumes a corner kick with Liao.

1 ‘Help from Ibrahim to Giroud, the Frenchman tries to serve Tonali first but hits the ball poorly

0 ‘The match begins!

Teams enter the field: Milan in red and black, the guests in white.

Friends of Welcome to San Siro, where the match will take place in a few moments, valid for the second day of the Champions League groups: Milan – Salzburg. The Rossoneri came from a draw between the Austrians, while the Croatian team achieved their first home win in the competition against Chelsea. Stay with us and live our live texts so you don’t miss any excitement from this Champions League match!

Official lineups:

Milan (4-2-3-1): Minyan. Calabria, Lottery, Tomori, Theo Hernandez; Bennacer, Tonali; Saelemaekers, Diaz, Stalk; Jerrod. Des: Mirante, Gangdal, Palo Toure, Dest, Kiere, Messias, Boubiga, Krunic, Gabia, de Kitilari. All: Bioli.

Dinamo Zagabria (3-5-2): Levakovic. Ristovsky, Sotalo, Beric; Maharami, Ivanosic, Mesic, Adami, Ljubicic; Petkovic, Orsek. Disp: Zagorak, Stifolge, Loritsin, Baturina, Emreli, Bocage, Dermic, Marin, Theophile Catherine, Bulat, Delavier. All: Kasich.