LIVE MN – Pioli: “We take a lot of energy from the fans. Napoli? It’s a championship challenge. We don’t get anyone back”

Friends of Welcome to Milanello where Stefano Pioli will soon speak at the press conference on the eve of the big league match against Napoli. Thanks to our live text, you can follow all the statements of the Rossoneri coach live with us. stay with us

Stefano Pioli’s press conference begins

Milan always plays football. Do you expect the usual shipping to the masses tomorrow?
“I think the attack is at a high level and we’re gaining a lot of energy. Playing at home is an advantage we want to take advantage of tomorrow night.”

What game are you expecting?
“I expect a tough game, Napoli is a great team. We also have our qualities, it doesn’t matter who will miss. Saelemaekers is a right-footed player who can play on the left and can participate.”

Some players are born again.. but Calabria did not go to the national team
“I am happy to coach a reliable player like David”

How much intensity will you be able to deliver tomorrow?
“It will be very important, I will call 25 players, they are all available and willing. As the level of opponents goes up, our performance must go up. We are ready and ready to give the best possible formation. I think it is also better, after the Champions League, to face an opponent who played in the Champions League. I imagine an exciting match, ball after ball, play after play, many duels.”

How heavy is Liao’s absence?
“I don’t want to take anything away from the qualities of the individual players, but we are making our way to play the most important advantage; the collective level obviously enhances the singles. Or them? Tomorrow we start 11 against 11.”

How is the new Napoli?
“Napoli have Spalletti, they always make their teams play well with a clear and precise identity. The transfer market has allowed them to buy players who may not be well known but who are suitable.”

How is this Milan better?
“The games have to be played. Tomorrow evening I will tell you where we were better, but we are two similar teams that try not to be passive in the defensive phase.”

No problems with this tournament so far…
“Tomorrow is the championship challenge because the championship will be very balanced because the three points are what makes the difference. The points of each match are important and each match will be a championship challenge.”

How do you control Spalletti?
“I respect him a lot, he has always given a proactive imprint to his teams. We have met many times, we know each other very well. In 2006 I went to see his training with Roma… He is very capable, very good. He is a great coach in improving players.”

Do you agree with what Maldini said about Liao?
“I always agree with him. He is a very smart player who is available and knows he can never be satisfied.”

Yesterday, the two rings of Salernitana-Lecce are very similar to the two yellow rings of Liao
“The list is the same, but conditions can change. We are thinking of playing to give our best. An important match tomorrow”

Will the Scudetto threshold drop?
“In my opinion, there are more teams that are equipped to do a very good job, and there is a great balance. Many small and medium-sized teams have grown and in every game you have to do a lot to win it.”

Absentee news?
He added, “They are the well-known. We do not heal anyone. I hope to get them back during the break.”

Were a lot of goals conceded in these first matches?
“We don’t like targets delivered when we are in clear numerical superiority, like a dynamo target… They are analyzed a lot. The higher the level, the more careful: half a meter is enough to concede a target. Tomorrow the level will rise and attention should be To the maximum extent “.

Is there a potential change to the unit?
“I have already decided, we have tried it and I think the absence of Leao does not lead us to change the balanced playing system. Leao has characteristics and Saelemaekers have others and we will try to exploit their characteristics”

What do you think of Allegri’s words?
“I don’t judge others. Certain moments can happen and we try to work hard and strong”

How is chronich? Could he be the right man for a potential change to the unit?
“It’s okay, when you come from an injury you are not in good shape. Let’s see what the match will tell us to change something in progress”

How are the new purchases?
“They are not struggling, I am happy with Yassin, Malik, Aster and Sergino. I repeat that I am not in a hurry. They do what is necessary to convince me that they are ready and soon they will”

How does Pebega know?
“He has important characteristics that could have been useful to the team. He has to work a lot, but he’s one of those people who feels Milan inside. I’m happy to call him up.”

Did you expect to be the first in the Italian Serie A and the Champions League tomorrow?
“We could have waited tomorrow to ask this question (laughs, editor). I am very convinced that the team is ready, after tomorrow evening we will do the first evaluation”

How did you choose Saelemaekers over Leao?
“Preparing for the match is putting costs and benefits on the table at a strategic level… then you choose the players that are most suitable to explain the kind of game you decided. The team knows what we want to do. I try to be as clear and lively as possible because the team loves such a coach.”

Milan has not defeated Napoli since 2014 in the league at home…
“The higher the level of the competitors, the more we have to play as a team. In recent years they have won at San Siro and Milan in Naples …”.

Is Milan capable of facing Napoli’s tactical weapons?
“A must. Against Liverpool they knew they were going to keep the streak very high and took advantage of that, but they also know how to dribble or go 1 vs 1. Tomorrow we will need a fair, correct and compact defensive stage: it is a goal that can give us a lot of benefits.”

Will it be important to attack Napoli?
“Napoli dribble well, to attack them you have to do it at the right moments; if we miss the pressure, they have the ability to hurt you. If you wait for them, they can hurt you all. A very important game from a tactical point of view.”

Ending the conference