LIVE TJ – Juventus Benfica Primavera – 1-1

94′ – Marisa warned!

93′ – GOOOOOOOOOOOL DELLA JUVENTUS, MBANGULA! Huijsen was hypnotized by eleven metres, but Mbangula is the fastest of all and in rebounding he travels.

92 ‘- Penalty kick for Juventus! Run from behind for Marisa who matches Benfica’s defensive jerseys as they are in place.

90 minutes – 5 minutes of recovery reported.

90′ – Felix! Right Lusitanian midfielder insidious, but the ball ends on the side.

89 & # 39; – A powerful and tense cross pass by Delaval at the far post, but Mancini was behind and did not get there.

89′ – Double change at Benfica: E. Moreira and Veloso enter, de Moreira and Semedo exit.

88′ – What waste DJU! Errorarccio by Rouhi on the halfway line, he leaves Benfica’s No. 18 undisturbed towards Davara but extends the ball just before the kick and allows the Juventus goalkeeper to intercept the ball. On the momentum, Dju hits Daffara and is warned.

85′ – Juventus’ chance! Turco bowl for Mancini who controls and shoots but Gomes is ready and refuses.

84′ – Juventus’ chance! Turco is sent into the penalty area, returns to the left flank and seeks the score at the far post. high ball.

82′ – Turkish! The Juventus striker tries with his right from a distance of twenty meters, but the ball ends far away.

81′ – Marisa sends Mancini into the penalty area, but the Juventus striker was blocked by Benfica’s defense.

80′ – the last ten minutes of the race. Only then will it be cured.

79′ – A change in Benfica: the exit of N’Dour and the entry of Hugo Felix.

78′ – cramps to run around. The Benfica midfielder is steady on the ground.

77′ – Marco Storari and Federico Cherubini were also present at JTC.

77 & # 39; Punishment hit toward the center of the area, Gomez and blocks out.

76 & # 39; Punishing Juventus from the attacking trope, Rypani relegated.

75′ – Moreira’s cross deflected by Dellavalle, the ball ending directly in Daffara’s arms.

71′ – Juventus double change: Mancini and Marisa enter, S. Turku and Bwindi leave.

69′ – A foul by N’Dour on Nwende, the Juventus midfielder is on the ground in agony.

67′ – Semedo again! Another strong right of the Benfica striker, but this time Davara responds with the present and blocks him.

66 & # 39; – Al-Hasa is punishment from the right, Benfica’s defense is free without difficulty.

62′ – Benfica’s goal, Eurogol Semedo! At the first good ball, the Luzetania striker opens the game. Semedo receives the ball from Ferreira, turns and lets it go right from a distance of twenty-five meters sliding under the intersection. Nothing to do for the blaster.

61′ – What a Davara intervention! When developing a free kick for Benfica, the Lusitani player switched the ball to the far post, but Davarra with a diagonal jump removes the ball from the goal, saving Juventus.

60′ – A change also in Juventus: the entry of Mbangola and the exit of Yildiz.

59′ – double change in Benfica; Enter Djo and Dr. Ferreira, leave bricatado and felix.

58′ – Benfica’s chance! Excellent restart for the guests who released Moreira to shoot in the penalty area, but his left hand ends out of the net.

55 & # 39; – Tommy’s soft cross towards the center of the area, Davara intercepted without problems. Benfica is looking for the key to unlocking the Juventus defensive zone, but at the moment the Bianconeri defend themselves in a very organized and compact way.

54′ – My soul has recovered and the match can be resumed.

53 & # 39; Felix’s conclusion from afar, Juventus’ defense refuses. Meanwhile, my soul remained on Earth after a confrontation with Semedo.

51′ – Exactly! Right from the edge of Juventus No. 10, Gomez falls without problems.

50′ – Moreira malicious cross from the left, Davara blocks.

49′ – Faria! When developing a corner kick, the Benfica defender looks for a header but his shot ends high.

48′ – Benfica’s chance! Bricatado enters the penalty area and kicks hard at the far post, Moreira does not reach the deadline with the ball with a hair. Cetane is very close to the advantage.

47′ – An interesting cross from Tommy from the right flank, Howesen cuts through the interference but Semedo is unable to control the ball.

47 & # 39; Benfica directly in attack, Juventus are all gathered in their own half.

15:05 – The shooting begins!

15:04 – Teams on the field, recovery begins soon.

14:49 – The very balanced first half ends here. Both teams didn’t want to reveal themselves too much, but within two minutes Juventus went from a potential advantage (Turco’s job) to stay at ten men due to Scaglia’s dismissal. In the second half, the Montero boys will have to climb a mountain to bring home at least one point.

14:48 – First time ends here!

46 & # 39; Exit possession of Juventus in a side error.

45′ – 1 minute recovery has been reported.

44′ – Benfica’s chance! Tommy penetrates from the right and enters the penalty area, player No. 2 passes a soft cross towards the far post where Moreira has plenty of time to control and kick, but his shot ends high. Thanks to the Montero team.

44 ‘- Hasa tries! Placed from the edge of the No. 10 area a little ball.

43′ – Joao Neves warned! Error number 20 on Turco.

42′ – Moreira searches for Semedo’s pocket, but the ball is too long and ends up at the bottom.

40′ – Tough moment for Juventus, now the Bianconeri must be good at closing the first half with a 0-0 score. Benfica is chasing the goal of advantage.

38′ – Benfica’s chance! Moreira takes charge of the penalty, but his shot makes very little sound to the left of the goal defended by Davarra.

37′ – A change in Juventus: the exit of Galante and the entry of the second goalkeeper, Davar.

37′ – A second expulsion for Juventus in this youth league. After Doratiotto with PSG, now it’s Scaglia’s turn.

36′ – Scaglia exploded! On a throwback from the back, Scaglia runs out of time from the penalty area and sends out Mercado. direct red.

34′ – Turkish Pole! Reasonable move by Juve: Rouhi enters the area and Tommy jumps and puts a very soft cross to leave who takes the post from a few steps away.

33′ – Twice Yildiz! The first inference of the Turk is blocked, while the second inference ends in high. Positive moment for Juventus.

29′ – Boende tried to conclude from distance but the ball veered. Gomez recovers the ball before it ends with a corner kick.

28 & # 39; – Ndour penalty from twenty-five meters, but the conclusion of the Benfica midfielder ends on the side. Scalia was on the right track.

27′ – Yildiz! Bwindi sends Juventus 19 on the edge of the area, but his conclusion is held back by the Lusitanian defense.

24′- Yildiz tries! On the developments of the corner kick, the Juventus striker tried to take the top kick, but the ball was rejected by Benfica’s defense.

23′ – Juventus’ chance! Yıldız is great in Galant’s pockets, the number 17 is head-to-head with Gomez but the Luzitani goalkeeper made a superb save and saved himself.

22 & # 39; – Moreira drilled to Montoya, the left back is looking for a cross towards the center of the area, but the ball ends directly at the bottom.

18′ – Moreira tries! His conclusion, however, ends high. Scaglia checks.

17′- Another foul by Al-Hasa on the PRECATADO. Free kick from the short side of the penalty area in favor of Benfica.

15′ – Still Scalia! Precatado takes charge of the free kick himself, but Scaglia is careful and blocks a malicious cross-shot.

15′ – A foul by Al-Hasa on PRECATADO, a free kick from a good position for Benfica.

13′ – Boende’s vertical throw to look for Turco, Andrè Gomes comes out of his team’s penalty area and pushes the ball away with his feet.

12′ – Bwindi warned! Late entry for the Juventus midfielder on Nuno Felix.

11′ – Dellavalle runs off to look for Hasa’s shot deep, but the ball ends right below.

11′ – Yildiz tries to restart but is spread out in midfield. Juve punished.

9′ – Andre Gomez looks for Moreira’s deep shot, but the ball ends up right in Scaglia’s arms.

8′ – Yıldız tries to outwit Turku, but the Juventus striker is caught offside.

6′ – Benfica striker again, but this time the score that Moreira tried to control was completely broken and controlled by the Juventus defence.

3′ – Benfica’s chance! When developing a free kick for Juventus, Benfica recovers the ball and begins the counter-attack with Moreira: the number 11 reaches the edge of the area and opens on the right for bricatado, who kicks hard at the near post, but Scalia responds with the present and puts in the corner. On the developments of the corner kick, the Juventus defense moves away.

2 & # 39; Juventus tries to take control of the match right away. The Lusitans are limited to defense.

1′ – The first ball was moved by Juventus.

14:02 – The Juventus Benfica Spring has begun!

13:58 – Teams in the field!

13:56 – The warm-up is over, in a few minutes the teams will take the field!

13:28 – Teams in the field to warm up.

Official lineups

Juventus (4-3-3): scale (c); S. Turco, Dellavale, Huijsen, Rouhi; Galant, Bwindi, Rypani, Alhasa; Turkish, Yildiz.
Available: Daffara, Mbangula, Domanico, Moruzzi, Morleo, Maressa, and Mancini.
Coach: Paolo Montero.

Benfica (4-3-3): Gomez (c); Tommy, Faria; Coser, Montoya; Neves, Felix, Ndor; Moreira, Semedo, Precatado.
Available: D. Ferreira, Spencer, Ferreira, Veloso, Felix, I. Moreira, Dju.
CoachBy: Luis Manuel Correa Silva Araujo.

Rule: Kaspar Sjöberg (SWE)
helpers: Simon Kristensson (SWE) and Andreas Svensson (SWE)
Fourth officer: Matteo Garrilio (ITA)

13:00 – friends and friends everythingWelcome to the live text of Juventus – Benfica PrimaveraThe match is valid for the second day of Group H of the Youth League. The Bianconeri, coached by Montero, returned from 5-3 at Paris Saint-Germain. Benfica, the new winner of the last edition, is just back from its far from positive start: the Lusitania side lost 1-0 at home to Maccabi Haifa. It is played at the Juventus training ground in Turin.

Departure at 14:00.