LIVE TJ – JUVENTUS WOMEN-ROME 1-0, Cernoia gives the Bianconeri the lead in the Giallorossi standings

90′ + 7 – Match ends!! Cernoia’s second-half goal allowed Juventus to beat Roma in the big match of the third day of Serie A, overtaking them in the standings. The Pianoner performed well in the second half, while the Giallorossi played the match, but without scoring, in the first part of the match.

90′ + 5 – Another effort for both teams.

90′ + 3 – Weininger!! Bomb from a distance, Peyraud-Magnin makes a corner with a nice ride.

90′ + 1 – In fact, there are 6 minutes of redemption decreed by the referee.

90′ We’re waiting to see the extent of the recovery, which could be significant.

88′- Lazaro!! Header on developing a high ball corner.

87′- Sertorini!! A great shot from distance, but a central ball that allows Perrod Magnin to put it in the corner.

85 degrees Double change for Juventus: Zamanian and Dolgan replace Bonfantini and Caruso.

84′- Amonite Caruso.

81′. A good shot of developing an angle, para Payraud-Magnin.

80′- Juventus attacking, Roma struggling to defend themselves, also due to numerical inferiority.

77′ – Cenote!! Deduction from the ledge by falling to the ground, a slightly high ball.

76′- But in Rome, Havi and Giacenti gave way to Lazzaro and Hogg.

76′- A double change in Juve: Cantor and Grossi enter the field in place of Girelli and Cernoia.

75′- Bonfantini hits a low shot in the middle and closes Giallorossi’s defense.

73′- Juventus is now in control of the match.

70′- Play starts again.

68′- Game stopped due to cooling break.

67′- Double change in Rome: Cnotti and Serturini replace Glionna and Andressa.

65 & # 39; Giuliano fired!! Roma No. 10 in total yellow cards, Juventus who will now play with the extra woman.

64′- Giacanti tries to shoot in a precarious situation, dodging Berod Magnin without problems.

62′- After an hour of playing, Juventus took a 1-0 lead over Roma.

59′- Amonita cernoia.

59′- The change in Juventus: Salvai leaves, Linzini enters.

56′- A race that is now changing its face, Juventus will be able to try to counterattack in search of a double.

53′ – Cernia, JUVE IN ADVANTAGE!! A cross that takes a very strange path, defeats Cesar, Juventus 1-0!!

52 & # 39; Juventus!! Pisttone by Girelli with the help of Caruso, a ball caught in the wood when the goalkeeper is hit. what a shame.

52′- Andressa!! The free kick that crosses the barrier and saves Berrod Magnin twice.

50′- Glionna tries to quickly bypass Rosucci, and keeps an eye on the bianconera.

47′- Juventus called for the match to be interpreted differently from the first part of the match.

15:38 – The shooting has begun!!

45′ + 4- The first half ended: 0-0 between Juventus Women and Roma in the first half, with the Giallorossi being preferred in this first part of the match.

45′ + 3 – Ammonite Giugliano.

45′ + 1- Walkers!! Conclusion from the outside for the Juventus striker who takes advantage of the Giallorossi’s mistake: the ball is just a little high.

45′ + 1 – 4 minutes of recovery.

44′ – Giugliano!! Long-range shot from a slightly narrow angle, the ball to the side.

42′- Giacenti first and then Landström put the ball in the middle, and Juve managed to save themselves in both cases.

40′- Ammonite Jerelli.

39′ – Bonfantini!! Conclusion Find the second job rejected by the opponent player.

39′- Free kick by Cernoia in the area, Juventus earns a corner kick.

36′- Juventus is trying to look ahead, but Roma is immediately ready to leave again.

31′- Andressa searches for Giacinti with a nice dig, and a slightly long ball, and Peyraud-Magnin makes her his own.

29′- Hey!! Andressa taps, the Giallorossi’s attacker enters the area and takes a very weak hit, however, to hurt Berod Magnin, who saves.

27′- Herds!! A very powerful conclusion from within the area who, however, finds Rusuchi’s body.

25′- We resume playing after the cooling break.

22′- Change in Rome: De Guglielmo leaves due to injury, enters Landström.

21′- lilies!! The Giallorossi attacker is dangerous and the exit of Berod Magnin thwarts the threat.

16′- The first quarter of an hour just passed, 0-0 between Juventus and Roma.

13′- A pipe!! Conclusion On the first position from 20 metres, Perod Magnin saves without too many problems.

12′- Andressa!! Leaving from a distance down, Berod put Magnin in the corner.

9′- Caruso is dangerous!! The midfielder’s first shot is fenced off, then the action continues but Caruso is eventually stopped at Cesar’s exit.

6′- A pipe!! A strong blow to the corner developments, Beroud Magnin rejects the ball with his feet.

6′- Malicious cross from Andressa, “Nelden” closes for a corner.

3′- Studying the stages of the match, at the moment Roma is maneuvering in the midfield.

1′- Juventus to build from behind.

14:32 – The match begins!!

14:27 – The Bianconeri, with 4 points, are looking for victory to beat Roma in the standings, with 6 full points.

14:26 – The teams are now entering the field.

14:25 – These are the official squads of Juventus Women’s – Roma, the big match of the third day of the Women’s First Division:

Juventus Women (4-3-3) Berod Magnin; Nielden, Rusucci; Sylvay, Poatin; Gunnarsdottir, Caruso, Cernoia; Bonfantini, Girelli, Berenstein. Coach: Montemoro

Rome (4-3-3) Cesar; Bartoli, Weininger; Minami, De Guglielmo; Andressa, Giugliano, Greg; Galleona, Giacenti, Havi. Coach: Sponge.