Marc Marquez’s return to Aragon? He hasn’t changed at all: he takes risks and tries and becomes the referee of the world championship

It all happened in an instant with three corners from the start: Marc Marquez overreacting, Fabio Quartararo fending off and closing in with a zero. Mark’s race ends after a few corners with Nakagami, who takes a lot of risk. While they are crying, Ducati laughs. Or at least it should

cThere was a lot of anticipation for the countless Marc Marquis’ comeback. Quick, but not persistent, Mark put his hands up all weekend, remembering that in Aragon – the circuit he loves, which turns left – the goal was to train, not to add a cup to the group. Having finished the race for the thirteenth time in qualifying (he called it 12+1, as Angel Neto would have done) the race presented itself as a new test of the body and bike. Instead, Mark drew only three curves and left us alone with a great deal of certainty: A Marquis is always a Marquis.

cI try, push, Find a space to pass. At first he took a risk, keeping his width by 1 turn, gaining eight positions in a handful of meters. At that point he might have overestimated him, losing his ass and finding himself in the back Fabio Quartaro. Which is faultless, as he finds himself having to give everything for every corner on every lap of the race. However, the World Championships were finally reopened (-10 Bagnaia, -17 Espargarò) and Quartararo found himself having to fight with asymmetric weapons. From there, the Marquez continued racing with a large portion of Fabio’s front fairing, To activate the reducer Crushing that piece of aerodynamics losing the bike: “At the beginning I was strong, I was in good shape, ok – told Antonio Boselli during the race – at Turn 3 I don’t know if Bastianini passed Alex or the other way around but they went long and I tried to do the right streak The tire was a bit cold and behind him he went out. At that moment, Fabio Quartararo was attacked, and he wanted to pass me because he was very strong in the field: there I called right away and the chaos began. In my turn 5 I felt something strange but at 6 and 7 I felt good, when I activated lowering the clogged rear wheel, I had a piece of Fabio’s fairing and by lowering the rear the bike knocked me out. It’s a shame, I especially hope that Nakagami – who crashed due to this mechanical issue – is fine, as is Fabio, who was very attached to me As usual on the first lap.”

sAsa racing The podium ceremonies pass the first interviews. Marc Marquez asks to point out: Never seen the pictures before, I was talking about how I feel. When I saw the pictures I knew I looked like I was going to the left, looking for Nakagami. Obviously not, I’m a MotoGP rider and know the first course. You can see from the pictures that there’s a piece of Fabio’s gift on my wheel, which stops. Not only Nakagami, but also Marini and my brother risked catching up with me because the rear wheel was clogged with the landing gear and the bike went left. With Quartararo, on the other hand, the wheel slipped behind me, I think Fabio wanted to go to four.”

Then he continues: “Given what happened, I would have preferred to start worse to finish the race. That was the goal but it wasn’t. In the first corner, yeah, I did some risks. What if there was no lowering device? I guess I wasn’t. To have no problems, I’m sure.” It’s a pity for Fabio Quartararo, but also for Marc Marquez. The only ones who smile are the Ducati guys, who, however, do so with gritted teeth thinking those five extra points.