Marco Pantani dies, Antimavia: ‘Doesn’t rule out offside at Giro d’Italia’

Marco Pantani and Senator Giovanni Andrezi

“Doubt about it The mafia may have infiltrated the Giro d’Italia It remains an open hypothesis that we were not able to close it and thus let alone rule it out.” words from Senator Giovanni Andrezisubordinate commission Anti Mafia. The Giro d’Italia that calls into question is 1999that went down in history for events related to Marco Pantani: It was June 5 when Madonna Di Campiglio’s post-stage blood test showed a high hematocrit (52% vs. 50% tolerance). From that day on, the “pirate” life was no longer what it used to be. Andrezi coordinated the committee responsible for Investigations Inside the anti-mafia committee on the exclusion of Pantani from the Giro and the reasons that led to the murder of the pirate, who The documents will be sent to the Public Prosecutor’s Office in RiminiWho opened the third file related to the death of the sample at the end of last year. “The facts that have reached us – explained Andrezi on the sidelines of a press conference – nnot satisfactory Neither with regard to the disqualification from the Giro d’Italia nor with regard to the events leading to the death of »cyclist Marco Pantani.

Valanzasca’s statement

But why did the senator raise the Mafia? The question has its roots in the past. During investigations that have been archived for some time now by the Prosecutor’s Office in Forli, it was found that the exclusion of Marco Pantani from the pink race could be linked to a tour Secret betting To whom Criminals also participated and members of organized crime. The statements were Renato Valanzasca To make the investigators suspicious. The well-known Milan criminal and captain of life had told the police that he was Hired to bet on the winner of the Giro. “In prison someone suggested – he had announced – to bet on the winner, which would not have been Marco Pantani.” That is why the same anti-mafia committee recently heard the version of Valanzasca. “In the event of being disqualified from the Tour – explained Andrezi – it is strange that no one has ever wanted to think about the rules of the controls, Pantani was tried for sports fraud No one checked what was included in the protocols for the analyses, which we found to be incomplete. We complain that some tests were not carried out.”

death investigation

Andrezi said of Pantani’s death in Rimini on February 14, 2004 at the residence of «Le Rose», Logical and methodological contradictionsBasically, not all tracks were hit according to the senator. «We found – he said again – that Some doors have not been opened On the premise that there was a third-party contribution to the death, it is not our business to open it but we applaud the initiative of the Public Prosecutor of Rimini to reopen investigations, and for our part we will provide more material in a friendly atmosphere of cooperation in the hope of the ultimate truth. ” Florenzo Alesi “Now is the time to think privately with Marco’s parents,” he explained. In Rimini it is actually in progress The third investigation into the death of Marco Pantani. Tonina Pantani and her husband hope to clarify once and for all the last hours of the pirate’s life. The file was opened against unknown persons, the hypothesis is Genocide He was actually ruled out in 2016 when a duplicate investigation was closed.

Pantani’s lawyer: “The investigation doors haven’t been opened yet? She said a very annoying phrase.

Meanwhile, Marco Pantani’s parents prefer wait for itNo comment What the senator quintet said. but Lawyer Florenzo Alesi explains In the name of the hero’s family who “The statement regarding previous investigations in which Senator Andrezi was told that no particular doors were opened on the premise that there was a contribution from third parties to Pantani’s death is in itself disturbing.”. In this regard, the lawyer continues:The time will come for a careful assessment of the facts that the Senator has identified as unsatisfactory and handed over to the Anti-Mafia Commission, Failure to perform some sequestration tests from “pirate” after, after blood control Madonna from Campiglio in June 1999.” The same goes for the Pantani family and the lawyer for the mafia hack hypothesis in that edition of Giro d’Italia.

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