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Angeluss MTA wants to increase women’s attendance at the World Championships. Team Principal Aurora Angelucci: “Enough racing, running with the guys, you always have to raise the level a little bit”

With a long black braid that slips off the helmet Marie Herrera He has already won the sympathy of the audience after MotoGP World Championship 3. Oropesa’s Spagnola, 28, has been in the World Championship since 2013 (currently in E-Class, for electric motorcycles) Is the testimony of the Angeluss MTA team bringing an all-female team to the track this weekend in Aragon.

In addition to Maria, three mechanics, telemetry operator and team manager Aurora Angelucci, the creator of the project. “The goal is to have a women’s team in MotoGP and this wild card is the first step – explained Aurora to the Spanish sports newspaper. Brand-. We want to increase the number of women working in the herding field and there is evidence of that.” Only one exit, at the momentWith the aim of increasing the presence of women in motorcycle racing.

Maria Herrera, who ran three full seasons in Moto 3, between 2015 and 2017, after making her debut in 2013, in the Aragon Grand Prix alongside Ana Carrascoat the moment The only other driver in the race.

The difference, not only, is an all-female formation: Lydia Cerizola (Data Acquisition and Chief Engineer), Adriana Gallardo Montes (First Mechanic). Nikani Solomon’s walls (Second Mechanic), Lara Hortense (Tires). The cameras have often remained in their work, very professional and focused beyond the results that remain in the background in front of the task. “For me the challenge is to come back after a long time. Making history with an all-female team is what we’ve been looking for, and highlightsHerrera explained: “Girls are able to prove that they can work on their own and that they are good, just like guys.” To the Spanish newspaper, he concluded: “I would be happy to stay with this team, Maybe to be able to race in Moto2 and prepare myself to maybe one day get to MotoGP».

In the pits of the motorcycle championship, the presence of women has already become a reality, albeit not so obvious, in organizational or technical and more qualified roles. Through Angeluss MTA’s experience, someone has re-launched the idea of ​​a real tournamentReserved for the European Women’s Alternative Women’s Cup, but Aurora Angelucci is hoping for a different scenario: «This project is a little different from my idea of ​​Via Girls. he is It is true that it gives them space and vision, but it is still a space in itself. So, really, it doesn’t give pilots the great visibility they need. I also don’t think it’s formative because In competition with men, you always have to raise the bar a little.”.

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