Marquez: “I’m fine physically, Motegi is important”

Marc Marquez arrives in Motegi intent on redeeming himself after a bad Sunday in Aragon. A Japanese GP will be necessary to test your physical condition four months after your last arm surgery.

The home race was to come back after the fourth operation, but Aragon was not a friendly circuit Marc Marquez, which ended Sunday long before him. The protagonist of two accidents, is forced to return to the pits after only one lap, thus postponing his physical examinations to the following week.

That’s it, MotoGP has moved on to Motegi, with the eight-time world champion aiming to recover, or at least finish the race. The Honda track will be a good testing ground for the Spaniard, who will put himself to the test by testing his endurance in a situation beyond the flying lap of the tests: “Physically, Aragon was really tough for me, one thing is the test in Misano, but the intensity of the entire race is in the weekend A week is something else. It will be the first time we put a lot of pressure on the right arm, as there is a lot of long and hard braking on right corners. We will have to be able to manage my condition.”

“Aragon’s goal was to go kilometers and finish the race, but I only made one lap after a great start,” continues Marquez. “I was very disappointed because I felt ready. I think in general I would have been able to handle the tires even with the deterioration, I could have maintained the speed at some distance. I had bad luck, but also luck, because either way it was good not to happen We have anything. We are now focused on Motegi, there will be different weather conditions. We also have other races that will serve us as tests, but it is an important arena. We will continue to do our work in preparation for 2023.”

Marc Marquez, Repsol Honda Team

Photo by: Gold and Goose / motorsports pictures

For the first time in several years, Marquez arrived in Japan without battling for the title. The situation has changed dramatically after three seasons, but the Catalan just needs to be patient. This last phase of the season is working to restore confidence and in the lap the jumper is already seeing some strides forward: “It is true that we had some difficulties in Aragon in the morning free practice sessions, but I felt better in the afternoon. I was having a hard time finding my position. On the bike, but now in one lap I can ride as much as I want. The problem is that I need to strengthen my muscles to maintain this driving style for more laps and hopefully we can get to that level in these races.”

Motegi is Honda’s circuit, but the Japanese theater is also important from the “company” point of view. Indeed, Marc Marquez visited the headquarters of the Winged House, a meeting, he says, necessary to guide the work by speaking in person: “It is important to go back to Japan, we are obviously in constant contact by email or phone, but it is essential in person. We understand how We work and motivate each other. I met the president and all the people working there. They know exactly what they’re doing, where they want to go and I’m here to help them get back to the top.”

“In the past two years with the pandemic, it hasn’t been easy work,” Mark explains. “Between the races the employees stayed in Europe and it is difficult to work remotely. Coming here we saw where we were, the conditions are very different than they were three years ago and this had a huge impact on the Japanese manufacturers, while the Europeans put in great efforts and managed to improve But Honda has huge potential and it’s possible to get back in the fight for the championship. That’s our goal and I think Honda can do that.”

It is necessary to speak directly with the Japanese to understand the path to follow in 2023, when Honda aims to return to the top: “First of all, it is true that we were very strong with the old bike, but I think we have reached the top. With the new concept we need to understand Whether we can continue in that direction. I’m a pilot not an engineer. I can point out where problems are, where they need to be improved, where we waste time, and they will understand which direction to go. I don’t know all the details, I want a fast bike that gives me acceleration like all riders.”

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