Marquez is back, and he will be the head of balance in the fight between Bagnaya and Quartararo

The world championship is back after a prosecco hangover at the San Marino and Rimini Riviera Grand Prix, with pair Bagnaia-Bastianini making the show and Maverick Vinales completing the podium for all Italian bikes. The championship is now moving to Spain, so let’s go see with Guido Sassi the news on the Aragon Race Network in MotoGP start network.

What is happening
Marc Marquez is back. There is an official press release, there is even an intro video On the other hand, it was inconceivable that he would not appear at what is the most grand prix in his home. The eight-time world champion amassed 100 laps in the Misano tests, and although he lacks the habit of running twenty straight laps at race speed, day in and day out he’s regaining the power to ride MotoGP. Mark also held a special test at Motorland on Monday, he is determined to return to the top, and it is not out of the question that he could become the head of the Libra in the battle for the title, at the end of this season. Joan Mir will also return to AragonHe appears to have recovered from an ankle injury.

What are the numbers
No one has ever had 4 consecutive victories with Ducati, and even with the best Desmosedici ever, It cannot be said that Bagnaia does not rewrite history. The Ducati rider had 6 seasonal successes, 10 of them in two years with the Borgo Panigale bike. Before that move, it wouldn’t be long before Pecco became the third most successful Italian in the Premier League.
However, these numbers are of relative importance – and rightly so – the talent of VR46 Academy, which she now possesses. Mission to restore the world title to Ducati is on the horizon. 30 points to recover from Quartararo in 6 races will give us hope; However, it is clear – as Picot himself said – that continuous driving to the limit, as he does, increases the probability of error incredibly, and sooner or later it is not certain that zero will reach the interrupt return. The stats currently indicate the following: -91, -66, -44, -30. It is the gradual collapse of Bagnaia from evil Between Germany and Post-Misano.

the challenge
The world championship between these two riders, even if it didn’t condemn mathematician Alex Espargari at all, was third with a 33-point lead. But the Spaniard does not have the competitiveness of Piko, and in the last 6 races he has not reached the podium.
Quarteraro, on the other hand, despite the numbers, is not in crisis. It’s true that he “only” collected 39 points in 4 races, but the ant technique somehow pays off. In Austria, Fabio finished second, crashing in Essen but had the potential to win. In short, the speed was never there, and in order for the Frenchman to win the title, he just has to insist on the path he took, and run at a high level without risking a fall. allies? There doesn’t seem to be anything. Quartararo should hope Marquez steal points from Bagnaia, but Morbidelli is unable to help him. A similar speech in Borgo Panigale, albeit in different proportions: Miller arrived several times before the French. On the other hand, Bastianini, as seen in Misano, is the only other Ducati rider capable of defeating Fabio, but he has no intention of helping Pico in the world fight..

This is history
12 months ago, not 12 years ago, Bagnaia won his first MotoGP, and now he has a souvenir locker that other riders have been dreaming of in their entire careers. But Pecco’s first success was nothing but a gift, because he had to fight for the entire race with the wild Marquez, as always very fast on the main track. The last turn was the climax of the fight, with Mark making a desperate curb at turn 12, crossing Biko to claim a real victory. The race that will be reviewed over and over, and that always makes you jump on the couch.

Turn 12 is one of the highlights on the track: you get there from the very long and very fast left corner at 11, which in turn connects with another left corner, 10. MotoGP bikes rest on the left shoulder of the tire for several secondsAnd when they go to the brakes they still lean. It is not easy to place the chicane in the right place, but when the driver quarrels with who is following him, he must also be careful not to leave the interior exposed. In short, the blanket is always short for those ahead, but those who follow it have to play a balancing act so they can’t keep buying.