Messi and the (last) renewal with Barcelona: all the background

From asking 75 million for three years to interest on the Covid season: letters on El Mundo, clashes and follies of a deal that ended poorly

El Mundo newspaper criticizes on its front page the exorbitant requests made by Leo Messi to renew the contract with Barcelona that expires in 2021, and he does so in great detail, devoting a large part of the first two pages and the five inner pages to him.

Thousands of emails

They call the file “Barçaleaks”, and write that they had access to thousands of emails between Argentina’s economic staff and the Barcelona administration and then led by Josep Maria Bartomeu. In addition to the documents of the final dissolution, the one that brought Leo to Paris, there are also several documents relating to the beginning of the triumphal relationship between the Argentine boy and the Catalan club. Let’s go in order. And let’s start from the end. However, recalling that El Mundo in January 2021 also published the numbers of Messi’s last contract at Blaugrana, a four-year contract signed in 2017 with an incredible number: with all bonuses, bonuses can total up to 138 million per season, 555 million. euros in total.

the conditions

According to what was published by Mundo today, the Messi clan imposed these conditions for renewal: three-year contract worth €74.9 million per season; During the 20-21 season, plagued by Covid, Messi agreed to reduce his salary by 30%: he requested a refund of the lost money at 3% interest. The three-year contract provided for an optional fourth season, by unilateral decision of the player; No termination clause, which is set in 2021 at 700 million, just a symbolic fine of 10,000 euros; another 10 million euros upon signing; a play at the Camp Nou for his family and friend Luis Suarez; Pepe Costa’s confirmation, shadow, potency, and debt settlement of his brother Rodrigo, former agent of Ansu Fati.


“They have a sword over their heads, and they will feel compelled to accept,” says Jorge Messi, the player’s father and agent. It didn’t happen that way. Overshadowed by the economic scandal of his administration, Bartomeu was forced to resign. In March 2021, Joan Laporta, the president who fired Messi, was elected. It seemed that everything should stabilize, but it did not happen. On the contrary, the relationship between Laporta and Messi first cooled down and then became decidedly bitter, with mutual accusations always linked to economic issues. Recently, Laporta sought reconciliation with Messi, and what was revealed today clearly complicates matters.

first decade

Given the exorbitant numbers for the end of the relationship between Leo and Barcelona, ​​those raw numbers are smiling. Sol Mundo also published the Argentine’s first contracts signed by his parents since Leo was a teenager. He landed in Barcelona in 2000 to heal himself, had trouble growing up, and then exploded with all his incredible charm. Barcelona’s first payment to Messi was a €5,094 scholarship, a contract signed on December 5, 2001 when the Argentine was 14 years old.

Millionaire condition

If Barcelona did not offer him a real contract in 2003, supplementing the 16-year term, the compensation in favor of the Messi family was set at 150,253 euros. However, on the contrary, if Leo did not want to continue in the Blaugrana, the family would have had to pay 5 million euros to the club. On 1 July 2003, with 16-year-old Messi, here is his first real contract: 9 years of term, fixed price 45,977 for the first season (2003-2004), €1503 per official match (minimum 45 minutes), cumulative between games Various), a bonus of €5,109 and another €9,015 for image rights. The four quantities increased every year to reach 432,188 euros in the 11-12 season at a price of 8,414 euros per game. But at that point Messi had already exploded, like Guardiola at Barcelona. This first decade was buried by other agreements signed in series on an almost yearly basis, paralleling Argentina’s increasingly decisive performance.