Mick Schumacher with one foot outside Formula One? Uncle Ralph reveals the truth

The Schumacher family has already proven very strong family cohesion, even in the worst of events. Ralph talked about the rumors about Mick.

Haas’ start to the season seemed to be the absolute turning point for Mick Schumacher. After winning F3 and F2, the German last season had no car to match his rivals. Haas’ choice not to develop the car had major implications for the ambitions of rookie Mazepin and Schumacher.but despite everything, the Tsar’s son found the world to stand out from his Russian teammate, even though both finished the year without any points in the standings.

Mick and Ralf Schumacher (Photo by Ansa)

Ready to go and already from the first pre-season testing of 2022, a step forward has been sensed for the US team. Having abandoned the development of the previous generation car, he prompted technicians to bet all the chips on the winged car. A bold choice, but very fitting, thanks to the first results obtained by Mick’s new teammate, Danish Magnussen. In the first four races, Kevin performed, winning points in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Italy. And so the German began to feel some pressure And raising the level he began to make petty mistakes. Team boss Steiner, Haas’ manager in South Tyrol, was not particularly satisfied with the Red Baron’s son’s pace. Without overtaking the bush, he asked the German to start taking home points, otherwise the roads would have taken another direction at the end of the year.

VF-22, objectively, is a valid car. Of course he’s not among the top ten fixed in every Grand Prix, but certainly with the right strategy and skill, he could have racked up a fair amount of points with both drivers. Mick scored 12 points, as a result of finishing sixth at Red Bull and eighth at Silverstone. On the other hand, his teammate scored 22 points. All in all, the team is seventh, one point behind AlphaTauri. The fight will be very close, also because Aston Martin is down the slope, with a nine-point delay. It will be necessary for the US team to retain the seventh place, but it will not be easy. Gasly and Tsunoda are growing fast and Sebastian Vettel will try to finish his final year in Formula 1 with a place of value.

Mick Schumacher, a precarious balance

The Haas team expected more from Kaiser’s son. If the first season was to begin, in 2022, in a secret car, Mick had to highlight a few qualitative elements. The 2020 F2 champion never lost out and continues to maintain great optimism. But now things are not going well for him. The announcement of a non-renewal with Ferrari arrived, with implications for leaving the program and FDA protection. Needless to say, many’s dream of seeing Mick in red one day has completely faded. Mattia Binotto has also been revealed about it. It will be difficult for him to stay in the circus in 2023. Many young drivers enter Formula 1 and it is a fast world that does not wait for anyone to grow, even if you have sponsors and if you are the son of one of the greatest champions in this class.

F1, great salute to Enzo Ferrari: All the fans are excited at Monza. The 2018 European F3 Championship winner has very few alternatives ahead of him. If this isn’t confirmed at Haas, he may only have one chance at Alpine. In the post-Alonso period, the French team literally selects young drivers. Among them, of course, is Mick. In the event that AlphaTauri can guarantee the performance of a new driver, we are talking about the American Colton Herta, the number 1 favorite to join Esteban Ocon will be the transalpine driver. On the other hand, Haas also has many other talents to choose from with Daniel Ricciardo, Nico Hulkenberg and Antonio Giovinazzi in pole position.

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All of the above drivers have more Formula 1 experience than Mick. Schumacher has half a foot out of Formula One, but his uncle isn’t worried. As reported by GPBlog, Ralph stated:In the long run, I’m not worried about Mick’s future in first grade. For the next year, Mick continues to improve. If Gunther Steiner and Gene Haas stay objective, they can’t get rid of Mick. So we’ll seeIn all likelihood, Audi will take control of Sauber from 2024 and will choose a German driver for the team. Thus, the doors of the Alfa Romeo team could also open wide in the future. As the title of the popular Netflix F1 TV series makes clear, drivers are also racing to stay in the world’s most sought-after class.