Milan, Dest: “I can also play as an offensive winger. The Pioli match helps me”

Words at the US linebacker’s press conference: “To be loyal I must give 100%.”

From our correspondent Marco Basuto

The name and surname also really tell something important. Name: Sergiño, same pronunciation and only an “h” from different, in the past, nobly crossed the Rossoneri (on the other side, though). Title: Destination, in short, there is a root word fate to make it difficult. If AC Milan is going for a long time, we will understand that throughout the year and in final form at the end of the season, when the loan with Barcelona expires. The ball will be at the feet of Milan, who will have the opportunity to exercise the right of redemption set at 20 million. A very significant outlay of current club rents, but never less.

Missing … the first time

Dest was not actually in Maldini and Massara’s plans. He got into it really hard when the seriousness of Florenzi’s injury was clear. In other words, the market was running out, but in fact very exhausted: the deal came to fruition on September 1, the last day of negotiations. How has it gone so far? Above all, this is clear. Two matches, both in the Champions League, for a total of 45 minutes. But with Florenzi in the pits for several months, it is clear that Calabria will need to breathe, and thus Serginho is looking to make his debut in the championship as well. Perhaps already on Sunday evening with Napoli, of course when the match is underway. Meanwhile, he enjoys the presentation at Milanello and notices with a calm and relaxed view the press room interrogating him. When he was young – in fact, when he was very young – he had a reputation as a bad boy, reckless. But those who know him assure that the boy has matured for some time. The words seem to confirm this: he repeats to exhaust the concept of the team, the group, trying to divert personal questions. He also repeats that he came here to grow. Perhaps to be replaced.

double stage

“A good reason why Milan should spend 20 million at the end of the season to keep me with them? What I can do is give one hundred per cent and give my best so that in June the club can decide on my compensation. The preparation is going very well, even if everything is fast So because you play a lot. The guys were very welcoming, but I still can’t remember all the names… – He smiles -. Pioli also helps me a lot. ” In the front row, Maldini and Masara watch him and smile in turn. Getting a good suite a few hours after the market launch was not an easy feat. “Pioli’s game is very beautiful and can allow me to develop both the defensive and offensive phases in the best possible way.” Also because regarding the role, Dest defines himself as follows: “I am a versatile defender, I can play on the right and left. My best position is in the wing as a defensive back, but I also have offensive characteristics. In Milan I will be a more complete player, in Italy we work A lot on the defensive side and I will focus a lot on my skills. Changing the league is an opportunity for growth.”


Opportunities will undoubtedly come to them. He mainly comes to play as full-back, but if necessary he can play high and – Pauly Dixit – even on the left instead of Hernandez. Dest’s autobiography at the age of 21 sure has a certain impact. Ajax, Barcelona, ​​Milan: Taken together, we’re talking about three clubs adding nearly 50 international titles. Moreover, he is a good citizen of the world: he was born in Holland to a Dutch mother and an American father from Suriname. Does the state tell you something? Well, for example, Gullit’s father was one of those parts, but above all Seedorf was born. “Obviously some kind of fate brought me here. I don’t like to talk about my family, but I have direct relations with Suriname. For me, it will be an honor to remember what Seedorf did and I hope to do as he does in Milan.” And since we are talking about the topic of great exes, Serginho’s almost the same name also appears: “He has done great things and I hope to do a lot, if not more. My goal is to focus on myself and develop my potential to the fullest. Here, one hundred percent, I found The right environment to improve myself: it’s my turn now.” Dest is part of the Rossoneri’s big group called up to the national team: he was called up by USA coach Berhalter for the September 23-27 friendlies against Japan and Saudi Arabia.