Milan, goals taken are tied to the calendar. If Origi and Rebic do not return, it is necessary to take action. Leao needs ‘short’ renewal proposal

There is a debate on social media and newspapers about Milan’s numbers thanks to the citizens’ pause. I note in this regard that there is a hint of superficiality in the examination of technical data. To quote from a survey sent to Stefano Pioli: He scored more goals than in the previous tournament. It is clear that, among fans and professionals, the comparison is in particular with the last extension of the tricolor ride, but this cannot become a standard for the entire current championship. However, another detail that refutes this theory (regarding the largest number of goals that has been recognized) is as follows. After 7 rounds the calendar becomes decisive. If Milan had 4 head-to-head matches in 7 rounds (Udinese, Atalanta, Inter and Napoli) it is clear that it cannot be compared, for example, to Inter’s seven matches (including 2 with newly promoted, Lecce and Cremonese, more Spezia saved in last day) or to Napoli (Spalletti also faced two newly promoted players, Monza and Lecce, both at home) or Roma (as noted above).

One swipe. During my conversation between Milan and Napoli, I said that I attribute to Pioli only one mistake in choosing the starting line-up. That meant focusing on Kier’s midfield rather than Kalulu knowing so well that he played on the right-of-centre, would have been the first to eventually come close to the Georgian who escaped Calabria’s control. I find it right to substitute the Dane in the first half – clearly late, legitimate in the situation and already cautious – while no one could have foreseen the muscle fatigue that Calabria advised to replace also after the break. Without this incident, Pioli would have kept him on the field as he was able to limit his direct opponent anyway.

We need to attack. It is good to repeat what everyone understands by looking at Milan. Pioli didn’t waver when Leao (due to disqualification), Rebic and Origi died of various illnesses as well as Ibra who can only return in January under Napoli. and others, in his place, would have proceeded to recite the “rosary” from top to bottom for all the absences concentrated in one suite. However, it is clear that either two crucial spares, Rebic and Origi, will be restored, or a repeat of the Italian success will be impossible and it will become inevitable until the wounds are stitched up with actions in the January market. Just as Moncada focused on three quarters of last season, it will be good in the near future to focus attention on the features of the young and promising striker.

Liao says. I have carefully read the latest interview released by Leao. He was more concerned about his family, his love of music and his passion for fashion than football, even if at the end he thanked Pioli and Ibra for the paradigm shift they had made for him in the last year and a half in Milan. Now let’s face it: Maldini has made it clear that they’ve been negotiating again for weeks, the club will certainly raise the amount allocated to the Portuguese but I think the difference can be made through the renewal term. By reducing the term to the 24-25 year period, we can hope to get a positive response from Mendes who has forged a special relationship with the new Chelsea shareholder.