Milan-Naples, CM Report Cards: Misfortune of Fate, Theo the Best. Infidels make defense dance, Simeone fatal | first page

Milan 1-2 Napoli


Megan 6: He has a few mistakes in goals.

Calabria 6,5: Play a great first run on Kvaratskhelia. Almost unbeatable in a heads-up, but the Georgian goes too far at halftime and the Rossoneri captain is forced to stop him with misfortune. Pioli changes it in the interval for flexor fatigue (from 1′ st Destination 4,5: disaster. He makes an avoidable penalty foul on Kvaratskhelia, in attack he misses almost all the balls he has).

Kjaer 6: Bewley’s sudden move. Very good aerial stadium, having a problem when Kvaratskhelia is on his side. He also committed a yellow foul on the Georgian and was substituted at the end of the first half. (from 1’st 6 . rabbit: enters the field with “garra”, you do the whole field to close the action but the board is printed on the crossbar).

Tomori 5.5: Not as careful as he was in scoring last season, Simeone takes his time and scores the winning goal. A condition that has already occurred in previous versions.

Theo 7: devastating throughout the game. A critical pass for Giroud’s goal. His best.

Bin Nasser 6He fights in the middle of the field and manages possession well. He’s falling pretty big in the final race.

Ringtones 6: In the first half he imposes his rhythm and pressure on his opponents. He loses his shine in the second part of the race.

Saelemaekers 5.5.0 Update: Today he missed the last and decisive step. Lacks quality in critical stages. (from 21st Street Christ 6: Merritt commits hard and gives more decisiveness to attack).

De Ketelaere 5.5.0 Update: Only one luminous play when the Gyro goal kicks in. Too little and too shy. (from 35th Street Adly Seifert)

chronich 6: It’s the most dangerous in the beginning. Merritt deprives him of the joy of the goal with a beautiful header. He sacrifices himself in a role not his role. (from 21st Street Diaz 6: try in the final)

Jerrod 6.5: Always in the right place at the right time. Another goal for Napoli but this time it was not decisive.

All Pioli 5.5.2: This time does not guess the changes and the game changes in the negative.


Merit 7Three important saves. Similar to the two in Giroud and Krunic, it also extends well on the Messias.

by Lorenzo 6.5: It is a continuous run along the entire range. Great defensive app.

Rahmani 6: It takes muscle and size to not let anything pass through.

Kim 7: What a beautiful physical fight with Giroud, he managed to keep him throughout the match.

Mario Roy 7: Continuous escalation of his competition. Regulated in ball handling, precision in closing. Assisted in a kiss pass for Simeone (46′ Saint Oliveira sv).

Anguise 6: The first half is submissive, the minutes pass and his fitness appears.

Lobotka 6.5She is always the beacon of the Napoli match. He allows himself to receive the ball even when he has the man and sets the times without ever falling.

Zelensky 6,5: the inclusion and quality of what is required of him. He also feels exhausted in the final (42′ st Ndombele sv).

Politano 6.5: It’s a really tough game, given Theo Hernandez as an opponent. He has little room to play and is decisive again from where he is. Had to come out after an ankle problem (21′ st Zerbin 5,5: The effect is not dramatic, he loses the pointing to the Milan full-back on the occasion of Giroud’s 1-1 draw.

Raspaduri 6: He does exactly what Spalletti asked that eve, which is to work in drafting with the team. He doesn’t stop for a moment, and through good play he creates a potentially important opportunity (21′ st Simeone 7: detachment, pure center role forward. The goal is worth three points, very heavy for Napoli.”

Kvaratskhelia 7: The first danger to the defense of the Rossoneri. He first cautioned Kjaer and Calabria, then won the penalty after leaving for Dest (42′ st) Diamond Street).

Spalletti Herds (Dominicini on the bench) 7Napoli continues to advance to the top of the standings by beating the defending champions at San Siro. This team knows how to suffer and sting at the right time.