Misfortune Quartararo: Scooter crash after one on the track

Fabio Quartarato defined the rear-end collision against Marc Marquez as a racing accident that ended his race at Motorland Aragon. The Yamaha rider also revealed that he crashed a second front scooter while the Commissioner was putting him back in the pits.

It looked like a weekend that could have ended positively on a tough track, but it ended really badly Fabio Quartararowho had to retire after completing only three corners.

The creation of the latter Marc Marquez To turn off the gas at the exit of the third turn. With the group still so compact, “El Diablo” couldn’t do anything to avoid it. The result was the second retirement of the season for the Yamaha rider, which cost him a significant portion of the championship lead.

As if the result of the race wasn’t disappointing enough, the Commissioner who was taking him back into the pits was momentarily distracted, resulting in a head-on collision with another scooter. Fortunately, all the visible bruises and cuts on the rider’s body in Nice were from the first accident which, however, shouldn’t stop him from getting fit in the next round of Motegi, scheduled for next week.

“I’m burnt out and in pain. It’s a shame, because this is the first time in many years that I’ve been satisfied in Aragon, so the collision in the third corner wasn’t the best finish,” he summed up the race result, before saying what happened right after that.

“Later, the stewardess who was taking me back to the pit hit another motorcycle, so I had a second accident. Luckily I didn’t take off my helmet and all the pain is the result of the first fall.” I crashed twice in two minutes, it wasn’t my day,” the Frenchman said in a tone of resignation, who is still in the lead with 10 points, ahead of Beko Bagnaya, his closest rival, and 17 days. Alex Espargaro.

Regarding the crash that knocked him out of the race, number 20 described it as a minor race loop: “Mark got scared and lost his ass. I had better traction and wasn’t expecting it to be there, so I hit the rear. I don’t remember the exact situation, but it’s a pity that It happened in the third corner.”

On a forgotten day, the only positive aspect of Quartararo is that Bagnaia saw a direct 5 point defeat on the last lap thanks to Ducati’s policy, which allows its riders to fight for victory without team orders: “The only joy I have with myself is that I saw Bastianini win” .

“I was always fast, but never consistent. I was very happy with my FP4, I was consistent and fast. Aside from racing, it was a positive weekend and I can’t wait to go to the tracks trying to look for the positives.” Motegi is One of my favorite tracks, it’s like Thailand, so I’m going to work hard to get the most out of it.”

Then back to what would have been Sunday in Aragon: “I think fighting for the top five would have been an excellent result. We know that in the race we always have difficulty, but maybe a podium is possible. We know it’s difficult. Fighting. For the win, but I think we could have done it for places between third and sixth.”

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