Monza bears witness to Juve’s crisis, but it’s not only Allegri’s fault: he betrayed the market. Palladino hits the story | first page

The first historic victory for Monza In series A coincides with An exciting first defeat for Juventus in the league. Correct result, really really, but False scoring because Brianza would have deserved a more visible success For superiority demonstrated from start to finish. Indeed, it is unhelpful to stress the Bianconeri’s theoretical argument for l“Di Maria was sent off after 40”, first of all because the Argentine pushed Ezo and then because even before he became inferior, Juventus suffered from Monza’s overtures, whose only limit was not to score an advantage first and then to double down. The day of the turning point for the Monza championship, which no longer lasts in the standings, thus officially opens the Juventus crisis, which can be attributed not only to Allegri, but if anything. For the errors of the purchase campaign, because various Paredes, Coste and Pogba, for various reasons, did not deliver the expected return, Not to mention the many injuries, while in Dybala the company did not want to renew the contract…. The first point in the house

New Monza – Raphael Paladinothe new coach of Monza in place of the acquitted Giovanni Stropba, said on the eve of feeling no emotion for his first appearance on the bench in Serie A. And from what you can immediately see, even the Brianza team does not require the fact that it finds itself in front of a Juventus hungry for redemption, after the recent disappointments in the League and the Champions League.. More than shape, 3-4-3 flexibility, accounts for the attitude of Pesina and his teammates who are persistently looking for a goal. In the absence of the injured Petajna, in the attack there is a debut Korean In line with Caprari and Mota Carvalho, but above all behind them are two quality managers such as Sensi and the new former Juventus Rovilla Who directs the operations? Safe in defense, thanks to the trio of Marlon, Maru, and Izu, Monza have the advantage of not only dominating their opponents. Everyone takes part in offensive actions and it is no coincidence that Izzo with the head is the first to frighten Beren, demonstrating a new mentality that also includes defenders in the offensive phase.

Little hollow – without ineligible Cuadrado, Melek Alegre, Replacing his “deputy” Landucci, Juventus confirm that they are going through a difficult time. It is pointless to have the best possible trident, with Vlahovic Between the new signings Di Maria and Costi, because problems arise in the middle of the field where some Fatah Meretti, who completes the division with McKinney and Paredes, is not enough. s.Stronger than Monza in attack, at the personnel level, but without the dual direction of Sensi and Rovella, Juventus suffer from the initiatives of the hosts and take risks when Sioria flies over the bar with a beautiful cross from Motta Carvalho.. To find a result with Juventus, you have to wait almost half an hour, when Vlahovic can free himself to start diagonally from the right, too weak to frighten Di Gregorio.

Rosso Di Maria – As if these difficulties were not enough, Juventus managed to complicate their lives at the end of the first half, because of Elbow, obviously, by Di Maria in the attribution. Maresca immediately draws the red card so the Bianconeri adds the numerical inferiority to the game. Valhovich looks more aloneKostik returned to the midfield, leaving McKinney the task of getting close to the Serbian striker. The extra man advantage gives Monza more courage, which nonetheless underscores her serious limits in the final stage.

historical goal – Without many alternatives on the bench, Landucci doesn’t change anything even at the start of the second half. On the other hand, Palladino, after 10, makes a triple change. Out of the very good but very fragile Sensi, which Barberis had acquired, and by technical option also Mota Carvalho and Marlon, and replaced them Getkjayer And the caldera. With nothing happening, despite the constant pressure, it was time for Colbani to replace the disappointing Capri. Because of persistence, however, the worthy goal of preference, a reward for Palladino’s choices, because Ciurria on his Serie A debut, crosses in from the right for Gytkjaer who split, having signed promotion goalsalso refers to Monza’s first historic victory in Serie A and also against Juventus.

OUTSIDE KOSTIC AND GALLIANI – Then Landucci removes Kostic to insert it ken. There was only a quarter of an hour left, and even Galliani decided to go out, because he suffers a lot, but since he is irreplaceable, no one takes his place in the stands next to his son Gianluca. Meretti and Soleil de Sciglio’s pills are Landucci’s latest desperate move to at least equalize in 8′ endless recovery. It’s all useless, because at the end Monza celebrates and it’s absolutely true. Monza-Juventus: 1-0

Signs: 29′ Gettyar Street

help: 29 ‘Ciurria Street

Monza (3-4-2-1): de Gregorio; Marlon (from 9′ Calderola), Maru, Izu; Ciurria, Rovella, Sensi (from 9′ st Barberis), Carlos (from 39′ st Birindelli); Pesina, Caprare (from 24′ Colpani Street); Mota (from 9′ Gettyar Street). Paladino flocks.

Juventus (4-3-3): pyrene; De Sciglio (from 40′ st Soulè), Gatti, Bremer, Danilo; McKinney, Paredes, Meretti (from 40′ St. Fagioli); Di Maria, Vlahovic, Kostik (33′ St. Ken). Landucci’s herds (Allegri Squal.).

ammonite: Bremen (j)

Fired: 40′ Di Maria (j)

Rule: Fabio Maresca (Naples Division)