Monza – Juventus 1-0, Di Maria sent off. Allegri is in crisis

The second defeat in a row for the Bianconeri, the first in the league. Under the eyes of Allegri, in the stands, his team creates no danger and ends with ten: Di Maria is sent off in the 40th minute.

You expect Juve’s reaction after a very poor start to the season in the league and an unfortunate Champions League: instead on day seven, in a match that already tastes like last resort, you get your first defeat in Serie A. A, against Monza, passing 1-0 with merit for expressive play and creating chances. Former Monza Palladino, on his debut on the bench, after losing his first three home games, gets his first three points for Juventus – his first absolute Serie A game – which adds up to his only point so far, last week. . . With the very angry Galliani leaving the stands long before the final whistle, he’s been a fan of Monza since he was a kid.


Di Maria returns to Juventus from 1′ after a muscle injury, initially in the trident with Kostik and Vlahovic, then in second place forward. But the result hasn’t changed much: the Argentine is unmoved, nervous and makes a blatant reaction by dragging an elbow in his chest to Izu who was holding him back. The result: the Argentine’s direct red at 40 minutes into the first half and Juventus in the 10th minute. Juventus, with Allegri in the stands, serves the round of elimination after Salernitana and Landucci were sent off on the bench, posts Gatti with Bonucci on the bench and in the usual midfield, with Meriti and McKinney on The sides of Paredes. Cuadrado and Melek have been disqualified, and none of the last three injuries (Locatelli, Rabiot and Alex Sandro) are available. On the opposite front, Raffaele Palladino uses a 4-3-3 full of grit and courage.

Mr. Monza in the first 45 minutes

The transparent Juve allows the first half to pass without ever becoming dangerous and without leaving certain marks on the match. The game is actually made by the hosts, who maintain tight streaks, good ball spin, and locked locks on each gate. He also showed remarkable attacking ability and access multiple times on the shot, from the edge or from the area, well coordinated by Rovella, the Juventus loan to Monza arrived in the final stages of the market. Best chance in the first 45 minutes bore Ciurria’s signature, on his debut as a rookie, who missed his goal from a stellar position. Juventus are limited to a containment match, sometimes also arriving from parts of Di Gregorio, but Vlahovic and Di Maria are not scratching and as usual the midfield struggles to close and resume. Landucci asks his team to press higher: Monza, who at the end of the first half will score 59% of ball possession, climbs without difficulty and reaches the limit with ease, only to be unable to finish the last pass with high quality or not find. Mirror up with brave conclusions. Meriti overhears a remote duel with Rovilla and it’s one of his most active, rotating himself in the alternating phase of containment and some raids. Then, at the age of forty, Juventus remained at ten, due to the sensational naivety of Di Maria, who did not control the movement of anger and was expelled.

Juventus, no change of pace in the second half

The second half opens on the same notes, with Motta and fresh entry Gytkyaer decorating Perrin a stone’s throw from the door. In addition to the Dane, Barberis and Calderola are also on the field from 55 minutes, while in Juventus McKinney is called to lengthen the team, playing in a more advanced position. However, it is Merretti who gives a nod to Juve’s life near Di Gregorio, then Monza regains control of the match, with more spectators than the active player in the match, enough to do homework but without blinking, from speed changes, and of course offensive play . Really very little. So Monza’s advantage is not surprising: they arrive in the 74th minute with Jetkiar, who slipped behind Gatti and rushed into the area after a right-footed cross from Sioria and Perin. And for Juventus, who are also playing the cards of Kane, Fagioli and Sulley 90 minutes ago, the curtain has fallen.