Moto GB | Augusto Fernández will appear in First Class with Gas Gas Tech3 |

The current leader of the Moto2 World Championship will be teammate Pol Espargaró who represents the Spanish brand of the KTM Group

The last box of the MotoGP 2023 motorcyclist market has also been officially filled. In the second edition of KTM renamed Gas Gas and powered by Team Tech3, Augusto Fernández, current leader of the Moto2 World Championship, will make his first division debut next year at Kalex for Team Ajo Motorsport.

Fernandez, who will turn 25 in exactly one week, will arrive in MotoGP after a long fight in the middle class, which began in 2017 with Team SpeedUp and has continued into the present state. It wasn’t all sunny and rosy for the Madrid-based Majorca-based driver, who in 2019 seemed to have already reached a good level of maturity. with three victories and fifth place in the championship, but then went into a transformation with no podium in the 2020 season and six places without a win for third in 2021.

To give new vitality to the career of the upcoming production derivative pilot, it must be remembered that Fernandez is the last historic winner in the European Superstock 600cc Championship race, and was Go to the Ajo . team. After a wobbly start to 2022, Starting at Le Mans The Spaniard racked up four wins and six podiums in eight races, climbing the entire standings thanks to dark periods from Celestino Fetti and Aaron Canet, the wrestlers of the early part of the season. He currently leads by four points over Ai Ogura.

Fernandez So you will support Paul Espargaro, who after two tough years at Honda will return to base, on the KTM he already drove between 2017 and 2020 and with the team that he drove to his first division debut in the now distant 2014. Upon completion of the MotoGP 2023 participant list, the Spaniards are expected to be initially ten.

These are the words of the protagonist: “My debut in MotoGP with Gas Gas is fantastic. I would like to thank everyone who is part of this chassis and who have supported me since I joined Red Bull KTM Ajo last year. I am happy, it is a dream for me. There is still so much to come. From the work that needs to be done to win the Moto2 title, I want to get to MotoGP as champion and I want to take on this new challenge in the best possible way.”.

Gas Gas Tech3 team manager Hervé Poncharal added: “We followed Augusto for several seasons and already discussed his promotion to MotoGP two years ago, but he wasn’t ready for that big leap yet. We met recently and it was immediately clear how ready he is now for motos. I’m excited for next year because our team will have a mixture of experience and youth, thanks to Paul And Augusto. Both are Spanish and will work in a positive and constructive way, we want just that. We welcome Augusto in MotoGP, but now he has to keep his calm and focus on the Moto 2 championship. We wait for him in the garage on Tuesday after Valencia for his first MotoGP test.”.

KTM Group Principal Peter Perrier concluded: “Augusto completes an all-Spanish line-up to get a taste of the first gas in MotoGP. He worked great with Aki and his team, fought hard on the track and showed that he knows how to make a difference in such a tight tournament, which we’ve seen so many different winners in. We think he did. All that is necessary to win a chance alongside Paul for 2023 and know what MotoGP means. He is about to take the last step, the hardest, the competition is going to be tough but we believe in him and he believes in us. That is the best reason to take that step.”.

Cover Photo: Gas and gas media center