Moto GP 2022. Aragon GP. Dark red but Fabio Quartararo does not give up: “I will be aggressive in overtaking, until contact” – MotoGP

The Frenchman does not give up: “The pace is very good but that is straight …”. Then he points out another problem that can arise from behind: “There are too many bad words in my head.”

September 17, 2022

FAbeo Quartarro Also tomorrow he will see many ducats around him and no Yamaha. He said in the post-qualifiers that he would try to be violent In the race and even ‘if there is need to to reach it Call for every Bypass I’ll get there.”

In short, world champion does not give upalthough starting from tomorrow 2nd, 6th grade and that in Long straight sector 4 loses 4 tenths: “At the pace we are strong, this is the first time I have been so strong in Aragon, but I can’t do anything in the qualifiers. In Sector 4 we are really slow and that makes us struggle a lot.”

Why do you lose so much in T4? Do you have any plans to neutralize this sector tomorrow?

“Nothing is legal! However, it is very easy: the problem is the engine. We also analyzed the last corner compared to the Ducatis and we do not lose there, so it can only be the straight, where we lose 4 tenths. But those four tenths in 23 turns become a long time! “

On the ultimate goal of the race…

“We struggle to overtake because there is no engine, but we have the power to speed. We can’t get the Ducats out of the way. Well, finishing in the top five tomorrow would be good.”

In Misano you said you can’t overtake, but does the cornering speed help you here?

“Unfortunately no, but I will try to be aggressive in overtaking. If contact is necessary, I will get there: it is the only solution for this race”

sulla qualified…

“I did my best, I could have improved the time but not qualifying. The front lost turn 2 and I didn’t understand why. That’s why I set my best time on lap two, but I wouldn’t have been able to improve by half a second”

The plan is always the same: the perfect start, the perfect first lap. And then?

“Then we see, but it is a shame because I am very satisfied with my pace and this move is to fight for victory. However, I am confident that we can do something good for tomorrow”

On the new frame used today…

“He seems to be getting better but we need more time. However we will use him in this race. It is hard to say which is better, maybe he works better in slow corners”

sAnd glad you showed up, you’re making some mistakes…

“At first this gives you a lot of satisfaction, but then there comes a moment when you see your lead closes in the last sector and still at 4 tenths, you can also be proud but… there are a lot of bad words in my head”

Quartaro noted that tire pressure increases during the race could be a big potential problem.

“We are not going to start from the starting point, I think the pressure will go up a lot. That is the problem, we will have to brake a lot, and I think the tire pressure increase tomorrow will be the main contender.”

Have you talked to Ennis: Did you say to him, “Try to win!”?

“No, Enea is in a different position: he is strong and fast. I think he will play it with Pecco. I hope to be able to stay with them throughout the race”