Moto GP 2022. Aragon GP. Enea Bastianini: “If the opportunity arises, I will try again” – MotoGP

The Gresini rider has no doubts: “Only Bagnaia can fight for the title with Ducati: it’s right and natural to watch, not nonsense. But if there’s a chance to win, she won’t hold back, and no one says I can’t win. I tried. in Misano, but I couldn’t”

September 15, 2022

alcaniz – con Enea Bastianini he is It’s normal to talk about Misano again: The Gresini rider says nothing has changed after what happened on the last lap of the San Marino GP.

“The relationship with everyone at Ducati is good: we talk a lot together and good results can be achieved”

Aeneas, after the race they heard a lot, a lot: “He didn’t try”; “He took a lot of risks”; “He wanted to try, but he didn’t…”. In short, an illusion: What do you say?

“I’m telling the truth: I tried, but I couldn’t. I got too close to him in T1, got sucked into Turn 4 and missed my chance to win from there. Pecco made no mistakes: doing the fastest lap on the last lap was hard for me”

If the same situation happened again here, would you try again?

“Of course yes: nobody tells me I can’t win. Pico is the only one who can compete for the championship in Ducati: it’s normal and normal to have an eye and not be an idiot. But if there is a chance of winning, you have to try.”

TDomenicali’s words bothered me (he said: “We didn’t like it“)?

Claudio and I talk a lot, no problems

What do you think of Federer’s retirement?

“To tell the truth, I’m not very fond of tennis, but I saw some of Federer’s matches: you can see the class right away, he definitely had lessons in what he did. I think tennis is a psychological sport to the ninth degree”

More than just a motorcycle?

“Yes: you are really on your own against yourself. When you watch tennis movies, you realize that pressure is not easy. In motorcycles there are many strong riders, and it is never easy to win, otherwise we would not be in MotoGP”

Could Marquez become unknown in the title race in the past few races?

“I consider Mark to be a contender: when I don’t know, but I think during the year he will be at his level again. He can certainly take some points away from Quartararo or Bagnaia, but I think now he should try not to risk too much, and to regain confidence in the bike, Understand what is not suitable for 2023 and assess his physical condition.

eRe at Monza: What did the circuit look like to you?

“I liked it very much: as Bagnaia said, it is very exclusive and the fans respect the riders a lot, who run freely in the ring, while here it is much more difficult. There is a lot of calm, less tension, but it is all somewhat fake. It is more true, It’s the old way: love it”

I said before for listening to classical music before a GP: amazing.

“I’ve always liked it, it gives me peace of mind, it relaxes me, but it charges me”