Moto GP 2022. Aragon GP. Marc Marquez: “I confirm: 1% chance of getting on the podium” – MotoGP

Eighth at 0″ 359 from first, with three red helmets in the top three sectors, Honda first in the standings: Mark’s comeback was certainly positive. But the eight-time world champion didn’t want to hear about a great result: “I did 5 laps max in a row, Race 23. Today I feel good, let’s see how it will be tomorrow”

September 16, 2022

alcaniz – Almost four months after the last race held in Mugello, Marc Marquez Get back on track and set the eighth time, at 0″ 359 by the fastest driver of the day, Jorge Martin. Needless to say, hers is there. Best Honda on the net (Tentative) And the time would have been less had the Marquis not taken a bad slip in the last corner: In T1, T2 and T3 it was the fastest. Amazing, even if overall it’s pretty predictable given who we’re talking about.

“I very satisfiedespecially for progress: This morning I felt so bad on the bike, especially for the situation in the saddle, I didn’t feel comfortable. I felt much better in the afternoon, the posture of the body became more normal. Obviously we should work on the bike, because there are gods obvious weaknessesBut as far as I’m concerned, I’m happy. Let’s see tomorrow: we know that in the morning it is more difficult for me than in the afternoon, for some reason, it takes a while to “warm up”. I did a few outings from a few laps, but for now that’s okay”

Are they much different from the Misano exams?

“Yes, I shot them myself, and here the tension changes. I feel like I had some margin, I had to have, for example, a loss in the back of new tires: I think it’s normal, I am not yet ready to manage all the movements of the bike”

You talked about weaknesses: is it the same as in Mugello, or has something changed in the meantime?

“Exactly the same, after all we started the bike with an Austin setup, with the same chassis. Nakagami uses different specs, he made another twist during these races, and Honda worked a lot with Takaki while I wasn’t there. I preferred to start with a base I know, even if I tried in Afternoon New swingarm (aluminum by Kalex, NDA): More checks should be done, even if I had my best time with this new one..but check which is more effective over distance: It’s normal, you need to make more kilometers”

aEve you said you’d be quiet: After today, do you have the same opinion?

“I don’t know how my body will react tonight, tomorrow, how it will react to the race, when I need time to recover, how I will be able to do 23 laps. But in this MotoGP you can’t calm down, otherwise you will finally finish… I I defend, I look for the limit: sooner or later I hope there will also be a breakdown. I have to accept that, it is part of this sport. I need to gain muscle mass, but everything else is working fine “

After the Misano tests, you said you could have done a maximum of ten laps in a row: How is it here?

“I don’t know. I’ve never done many laps in a row and won’t do it tomorrow either: I hope that with the adrenaline of the race I can get to the end. I know I will struggle: if I have a hard time, I will slow down, as I did in the races before the operation. Let’s see if Before the end of the season I would have been able to ride 100% for the entire Grand Prix.”

IYou said that the chances of getting on the podium were at most 1%: can you confirm this data today as well?

“There is still a 1% chance of getting onto the podium, and there are a lot of people who go faster than me. That is not the point: the most important thing is to finish the race well, which means getting close to the top five. Today I felt good, but tomorrow it could be.” Different: You have to accept the result that allows you to have the body and the bike. Obviously we’re here to run our best, and you can’t relax. Today as a step I’ll be eighth and tenth, but you have to see the duration on 23 laps, at most I’ve done 5 in a row”

You are still the first Honda in the ranking.

“It’s not the main objective, even if it obviously can be a drive. But with this bike, as I said before the season, I’m not in my nature to ride, you have to adapt. I struggle with the pace of the race. The physicist will tell me what I can do: you have to To keep working, to understand what is 100% of the arm”