Moto GP 2022. Aragon GP. Marc Marquez: “On the podium on Sunday? I have a 1% chance” – MotoGP

The Spaniard returned to racing three and a half months later. He looked smiling and confident even if he set himself a goal at the end of the season related to physical condition rather than results: “Then in winter I will understand.”

September 15, 2022

MMarquis Arch He has a smile on his face, you can see that he wants to get back into racing and he’s confident (Will we see him attacking or defending?). At Thursday’s press conference in Aragon he recounted these months after the fourth operation: “First of all, I am very happy to return, I did not expect in Mugello To be able to run to AragonBut things went well positive Immediately, even if it is a long way to go, there is a lot of work to be done.”

The 1993 class returns in a race weekend three and a half months after the last time, in Mugello at the end of May. Although he missed 8 races, he still, Unbelievably The First Honda in the ranking: Mark 60 Ponte, Nakagami 45, Paul Espargaro 42, Alex 35 E Bradle 2.

Was it Misano’s test that opened the doors for this comeback?

“After the test, I was fine and recovered quickly. So we understood that it would be possible to come here. Obviously we also talked about it with the doctors. It is important for me to be there, also to prepare for 2023”

How is your recovery going? Will you be able to make a trio?

“Now is the time when we have to combine and balance the work of the gym and the bike, to prepare well. Now it is possible, after I have done three races in a row, that sooner or later I will stop so as not to load too much, but let’s see.”

What are your goals at the end of the season?

“The aim of this season is to finish every weekend. Then next winter I will understand what level I can reach with my arm.”

sBike developments after the Misano test…

“Honda is Honda, and it’s not me who decides to develop the bike, and sometimes we share my impressions. We understand that we are far from Ducati and Aprilia. On the first day I just tried the bike and tried to find some sensations again. But I couldn’t give any indications. In the second case, I felt Some problems I felt at the beginning of the year. The bike is better than last year but others have improved too, but I thank Honda because they are working hard”

On the new swingarm designed by Kalex…

“We have already talked about the swingarm before Austria, it is not new talk. This swingarm has a different concept and can already be used here, as far as I know, but now I don’t want to try it, at least on Friday in fp1, then we will see what my level is and we will decide”

When Mir arrives…

“Next year I will have a very strong teammate, now we need the tools (bike, editor) to fight for the championship”

What weekend do you expect?

“I’m going to start the weekend trying to finish it, I think here in Aragon I would have no problem completing it, but let’s see. My muscle fatigue after 3 races might force me to stop, so I have to be honest with myself, Honda understands that too. It depends. Fatigue also over the time I will do it. The faster I am, the more difficult it will be.”

sWant to be on the podium on Sunday?

“The chance is very low, 1%. I am very far from my best condition, especially in terms of muscle mass. The goal is to finish all the races between now and the end of the season to better prepare for 2023. It is so important to start again from the circuit that I love. Now I can fall, the bone is now in place, and now the muscles have to regain the mass, because they work differently for years”

Finally, Marquez was asked to comment on the retirement of 1981 class tennis player Roger Federer…

“It’s a bit like Valentino Rossi, talking about people who did something different. Roger’s class was something different and it’s true that athletes like this come to everyone, in addition to their sport, even if I always cheered Nadal”