Moto GP 2022. Aragon GP. Pecco Bagnaia: “Aragon 21 gave me confidence and awareness” – MotoGP

We’re back on track where it all began: here the Ducati rider won his first MotoGP: “Still the most beautiful: the GP made me realize I could do it. I don’t think about the championship: 30 points is a lot to get back. Here you can do well, but a lot Some of them are strong: it will be more complicated.”

September 15, 2022

alcaniz – Biko Bagnaya Awesome move consciousness. This is normal when you win Four races in a rowbut the calm with which he experiences this intense moment is always special.

“I feel very well By bike and in the garage. We’ve always started the weekend at the last of our GPs some problemsHowever, we managed to find the way. I don’t feel the pressure of having to win at any cost: even in Austria it was said that I had to finish first because it’s a Ducati track, in Misano because it’s a carousel… We must continue to work calmly and be steady We were also the last GPs.”

Let’s talk about the comeback: How many points can be recovered in Aragon?

“I always answer the same way: you have to do well from the first round, without thinking about the championship, because 30 points is really a lot, trying to focus on this race to be very fast on Sunday.”

TLet’s go back to last year, when you won your first race here: How important was that success?

“I came from a difficult period, this challenge with Marquez was helpful to understand that I could win, and this result gave me the motivation and awareness that I can succeed”

Since then, 10 wins in 20 races: what’s the best?

“the first”

The most difficult?

“Silverstone: I wasn’t the fastest in any way, it was really hard to win. It was the win that surprised me the most”

Who was the strongest opponent?

“I say three. Marques in Aragon; Quarteraro in Misano in 2021; Bastianini in Misano in 2022. Both Fabio and Inna recaptured an important gap: When you first time and you see your advantage decrease, it is more difficult mentally. At Le Mans I crashed to Somewhat in a similar situation (Bagnaia was at the start, Bastianini passed him and backed off trying to keep up with the pace, NDA) and in Misano it was necessary to be able to get to the finish line”

You mentioned that here you can be faster than in 2021: why?

“The gift of 2022 helps us a lot in some parts of the track. However, it is also true that the level has gone up a lot, so it will be more difficult.”

MArques said he has a 1% chance of getting onto the podium: Do you see him as a contender?

“I think Mark will take this race very calmly, trying to understand his situation. But knowing him, if he has a chance to stay ahead, he will try: I always expect him to be in the eight in this GP, then he will be back to the five quickly”

Do you think that in the last few races he could become decisive in the title fight?

“Certainly if he has a chance to win he will definitely try, he has nothing to lose. It will be up to us to be able to stay ahead or in any case not lose the main target”

Roger Federer announced his retirement from tennis today.

“It’s so unfortunate: he’s always been one of the most beautiful tennis players to see, incredible elegance, and crazy cleanliness in the game. Technically it was devastating compared to the others: it’s the end of another course. But I think it’s normal, after a career like your life.” professional, come to this decision”