Moto3, GP Aragon 2022: Foggia fastest in free practice, 4th Nepa, 5th Guevara

The Romanian rider is the “lightning bolt” on Friday in Aragon, behind Sasaki, Holgado, Nepa and Guevara, the leader with 35 points, ahead of Foggia and +11 over Garcia, 13th in free training on the Spanish circuit. The Aragon GP airs on Sunday 18th September on Sky Sport MotoGP and is broadcast on NOW: at 11 Moto3 Racing, at 12.20 Moto2 and at 14 Grand Final with First Class

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Thirty-five points to recoverNot a little, but company is possible. And what are you aiming for? Dennis Foggia, in resplendent form Also on the first day of announcing the exams Aragonafter victory misano (Second in three races). The Romanian driver cannot ease the gas between now and the end of the championship if he wants to hold Guevara and Garcia at the top of the standings who, unlike what we saw in the latter part of the championship, lost their magic touch. The Gas Gas drivers in recent rounds have amassed fewer points together than Foggia, which closed Friday at the best time. Thank you for working as a couple with your teammate Tatsu Suzuki who pulled her on the right lap, but she failed on the next attempt, in reverse parts. The Japanese are out and will have to recover on Saturday morning. The Spanish duo shut down again: they defended themselves Guevara He was late for the fifth time Stefano Nepahe returned to play in the afternoon session after the morning close in 22nd place, while Sergio Garcia Today is over for the thirteenth time.

Sasaki, spark with Morusi

Afternoon did not perform well Sasaki, he started pretty strong in the morning, but he’s the victim of a bad episode in FP2. Japanese from Max Biagi Show shoes to Alessandro Morosi (On his first appearance with the MT Helmets in Moreira and Yamanaka), he pats his helmet in a duel on corners. You are clearly confused Ayumu fell Right after that, without consequences, at Curve 8. He started again and then closed the session with a decent time and today with The second absoluteBefore relaxed. Of the fourteen who remained, too Ricardo Rossi (sixteen) , country house (twentieth), e Menu (XXI).

GP Aragon, Moto3 Free Practice: Combined Rating