MotoGP 2023 The New Look And How Times Have Changed The Way Sprint Race . Works

On Friday, MotoGP’s second free practice moves to an hour, Saturday morning qualifying with a grid valid for both races: at noon on Saturday, Sprint marks the first 9, Sunday morning only in MotoGP.

By our correspondent Paolo Ianieri

Alcaniz (Spain)

After announcing in Austria the change of MotoGP Formula Next year, with Sprint Race being introduced on Saturday afternoons to ensure more entertainment and attract new fans, Race Direction member Carlos Izpeleta detailed the new look at Aragon. Which includes two free Friday practice sessions for all three seasons, with reduced hours for Moto3 (30 minutes), and in the afternoon, increased for MotoGP (from 45 minutes to an hour), which is anyway from now on. Hit the track after Moto2: The two free MotoGP practices will be used to determine direct access to Q2 (10 passengers).

Refers to the first 9

On the other hand, the Saturday program changes, with a 30-minute session for the three classes, so at the end of the third free moto sessions, at 10.50 am, here is the first class qualification with Q1 and Q2 always remaining 15′: the grid will be valid for both races. In the afternoon, after qualifying for Moto3 and Moto2, which is unchanged, at 3pm there is space for the Sprint race. As we already revealed on the Austrian weekend, the race distance will be halved compared to Sunday’s race, with points attributed to the winner’s first 9:12 points, 9 to 2, 7 to 3, and so forth to go up to 1 point for ninth. Statistically, the GP winner will always and only be the winner on Sunday, while a stat will be presented to those who take the Sprint race home on Saturday. The award ceremony is also being studied elsewhere than the traditional podium. When scheduled, MotoE will instead take place at 16.

Warm Up Solo Motogp

After long discussions with the teams, it was finally decided to keep the Sunday morning warm-up at 9.40, but only for MotoGP Speedway and in any case it was halved, from 20 to 10 minutes, after which the riders would be available to meet the fans. Then, the usual schedule of races: 11 Moto3, 12.15 Moto2 and finally MotoGP.

Motogp 2023, times: Friday

The first day of activity on the track remains Friday with these key times (may sometimes change at some latitudes due to time zones):

  • 9 hours FP1 Moto3 (35 minutes)
  • 9.50 AM FP1 Moto2 (40 min)
  • 10.45 a.m. FP1 Motorcycle (45 minutes)
  • 1.15pm FP2 Moto3 (35 min)
  • 02.05 PM FP2 Moto2 (40 min)
  • 15 hours FP2 MotoGP (1 hour)

Motogp 2023, times: Saturday

It’s MotoGP Sprint Speedway Day. Here are the base times (may change sometimes at some latitudes due to time zones):

  • 8.40 a.m. FP3 Moto3 (30 min)
  • 9.25 AM FP3 Moto2 (30 min)
  • 10.10 a.m. FP3 MotoGP (30 minutes)
  • 10.50 a.m. Motorcycle Q1 (15 minutes)
  • 11.15 a.m. Motorcycle Q2 (15 minutes)
  • 12.55 Q1 Moto3 (15 min)
  • ore 13.20 Q2 Moto3 (15 minuti)
  • 13.50 Q1 Moto2 (15 min)
  • 2.15pm Q2 Moto2 (15 min)
  • RAW MotoGP Racing 15 Sprint

Motogp 2023, times: Sunday

On the day of the races, the warm-up is canceled for the other classes. Here are the times (may change sometimes at some latitudes due to time zones):

  • 9.40 a.m. MotoGP warm-up (10 minutes)
  • 10 a.m. Rider Fan Show MotoGP (30 minutes)
  • It’s 11 a.m. Moto3 racing
  • 12.15 Moto2 Racing
  • 2 p.m. Speedway