MotoGP, Bastianini, Bagnaia and Quartararo: Three terms for the future gentleman

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Romagna is pushing hard, on the petrol and on the stands: the most awaited race of the year for the local crowd ignites when the traffic lights go out. 27 laps of pure motorcycles in the name of A Made in italy rampant, and its only spot is from Fabio’s hometown my quarter. ducati e Aprilia Emphasizing once again the distinction of high geometry on two wheels signed by the boot, the Pilots made in VR46, with the addition of Rimini talent from Ennis BastianiniComplete the three colorselite Italian in it misano.

The completeness and solution of the race gives the full appearance of the three colors on top of the podium. the green dissident Represent Apriliano Bianca Monster From grisiniana Memory by livery, e Bajnayaone victory misano Which has now become his home in the sports field. From a front view of the podium, sentimental, Vinales Removes the right flag from the flag of the Italian pilots (now composed on the left and in the center in colours Made in italy From B & B Ducati) the Red. This color is now etched under the skin for picoalready dyed in the fate of Aeneas.

Moto GB, Misano platform 2022

Engine Weekend, now in its second and final stage at Bel Paese, offers a show on nearly every lap, be it qualifying or racing. In terms of thrills, the event doesn’t have much to ask for, having become the protagonist of one of the season’s most exciting weekends, full of reflections. Leveling mechanical vehicles on the track to a very high level certainly lags behind the motorcycle show we have a memory of in recent years to a large extent, thus laying the foundations to entertain a new bill. Feeling like we’ve come in front of a new age, al New world system In terms of the first two-wheeled championship there, this is especially prevalent after what happened inside the circuit named after Marco. Simoncelli.

Enea Bastianini - Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati
Enea Bastianini – Francesco Bagnaia, Ducati

Feeling the end of the first Ducati Derbyin officially dyed red, we have actually handed into our hands the dedication, in performance terms, to two of the champions who have been announced for the near future of MotoGPIt goes hand in hand with what was described above. my quarter whimsical and technical, Bajnaya hard and preciseAnd the Bastianini Present talented race. Thus, trivially, the three main axes of the sport can be summed up. Exactly, a trifle, because the new (not to say very new when compared to the trio) hits the shoulders. The story, brilliant in every element, is written; The future awaits the same fate. So think of the drivers on the track, with all due respect to those who demand less politeness in front of the mics or creativity outside of racing. Boys will, refine aspects of public character, as they have done, over the years, by Andrea Doviziosoa brief mention he rightly deserves, with a mention of the day on which the public thanks him for the occasion of the retreat.

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The offer on the track, the most in demand and in demand, is rich in pulp and materials for the present and the future. related offer”For being charactersIt will come, one step at a time, race after race, victory after victory. However, it is already timeAragonOn Sunday, the traffic lights go out, the memories of the past GP disappear, and a new competition begins.