MotoGP Fabio Quartararo so far, after the explosion also falls from the scooter

Best in Free Practice, P6 Sweaty Player in Playoffs, One Black Sunday. Fabio Quartararo He finished the match with a very heavy zero, unfortunately not his own fault but due to an unfortunate racing accident (video below), as assessed by him and Marc Marquez, after only three corners. A sensational uproar against Honda #93 already in trouble, fortunately without serious consequences. Same goes for the second incident with the Marshal who was taking him back to the garage on a motorbike! Quartararo only escaped with bruises on his chest, reported exclusively in the fall on the track, when his suit also opened. The disappointment is clearly there, but after everything went well, also with regard to the Ducati race. Who stands out from the GP

Quarteraro, double fall

“We had the speed to run a good race, I’ve never felt so good on this track.” But as we mentioned, it was a race that only lasted three corners. At that point Marc Marquez had lost control of the back of his RC-V and Fabio Quartararo couldn’t do anything to avoid it. In the carom, the reigning champ risked getting run over, as well as by other drivers who were good at dodging him, even with his M1. Later, one of the commissioners immediately rushed over and brought him back to the garage on a motorbike. But here’s the unexpected: an accident with another scooter! “We were fast enough, but luckily I didn’t take off my helmet” Quartararo said, as reported by colleagues from Paddock-GP. “I didn’t do anything else, I think the marshal is a bit painful.” In addition to the disappointment, nothing breaks which is definitely a relief, because next year’s doctor will be in only seven days! The global fight has been in full swing for a while and Quartararo, despite everything, continues to lead the overall rating.

Consequences of the accident

“Unexpected help”

“I’m very happy for Ennis.” Quartaro’s smile says many things. In fact, in Aragon Bastianini he thought of nothing but a win, which is the fourth in his second year in MotoGP. Thus he mocks fellow future boxer, Biko Bagnaya, who is not disappointed or angry at all. In fact, he had previously raised his nose at the word “collective play”, determined to make it on his own. In this way, the Piedmontese stop at -10, which is already a little more than that for Fabio Quartararo, who is now pinned at 63 and Alex Espargaro is now stuck at -17. There are five other general practitioners to contain the rivals’ attack, hoping to avoid other unfortunate episodes… “We lost a lot of points, but I will work to be 100% in Japan. We are aiming for victory.” The Quartararo’s design has not changed, perhaps focusing on the element of surprise, as no one has seen Motegi since 2019. Not to mention the hurricane alert for the next few days. “I hope to race, I love the track and I think it can be a good track for us.” The challenge has already been relaunched.

Photo: Monster Yamaha