MotoGP, facts of the 2022 Aragon Grand Prix for the Moto2 class

Acosta regains his teammate Augusto Fernandez (third) and returns to win after injury. Kanye closes in second, Ogura mocks Arbolino, and Fetti so hard

Spanish trio is the ascendant Peter AcostaMoto3 class champion, returns to victory after being injured and also takes a few points from his teammate Augusto Fernandezwhich still wins both I Ogura (fourth) of the day Celestino Fetti (X) and takes another step towards winning the world title, after celebrating his promotion to MotoGP with Team GasGas. The Aragon Grand Prix Thus, this is the second race won by Acosta in moto2, who took charge of the comeback after a great start from his teammate, overtaking Kané and will get Fernandez back to pass and win on his own. also Aaron Kanye In the second part of the race he managed to overtake the world leader, pushing him to the third step of the entire Spanish podium.

Tenth Viti Think about defending the Italian colors Tony Arbolinoon the virtual platform in the central stages of the race, before collapsing and falling into a trap Jake Dixon (Crash on the last lap while trying to overtake) e I Ogura, who fought with him but ended up behind him in the last corner. And so the Japanese slip from -4 to -7 from Fernandes, while Feti is fourth with more than 50 points off the top. Speaking of falls, there are several champs in the gravel: Alonso Lopez and Marcel Schrotter on lap one, Albert Arenas, Jeremy Alcoba and Manuel Gonzalez on lap three. Finally, regarding the Italians, in addition to the Arbolino 5th and Vietti 10th, the 12th place for Dalla Porta and 14th for Zaccone.

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Aragon GP 2022 arrival order – Moto2 class

Moto2 World Ranking after Aragon GP 2022

POS. the ball moto nation points
1 Augusto Fernandez calyx Spa 214
2 AI Ogura calyx JPN 207
3 Aaron Kanye calyx Spa 177
4 Celestino Fetti calyx ITA 162
5 Tony Arbolino calyx ITA 128
6 Peter Acosta calyx Spa 123
7 Joe Roberts calyx United States of America 122
8 Somkiat CHANTRA calyx THA 109
9 Jake Dixon calyx GBR 108
10 Marcel Schrötter calyx gear 101
11 Alonso Lopez dark wood Spa 89
12 Jorge Navarro calyx Spa 83
13 Bo Bindsneider calyx Ned 67
14 Albert Arenas calyx Spa 65
15th Sam Lewis calyx GBR 51
16 Cameron Beauber calyx United States of America 50
17 Fermin Aldegger dark wood Spa 48
18 Jeremy’s bedroom calyx Spa 47
19 Manuel Gonzalez calyx Spa 44
20 Barry Baltus calyx BEL 26
21 Philip Salack calyx June 21
22 Lorenzo from the door calyx ITA 14
23 Stefano Manzi calyx ITA 9
24 Alessandro Zacon calyx ITA 9
25 Romano Vinati dark wood ITA 7
26 Gabriel Rodrigo calyx ARG 6
27 Marcos Ramirez calyx Spa 5
28 fifth kobo calyx THA 4
29 Sean Dylan Kelly calyx United States of America 3
30 Mattia Pasini calyx ITA 1
31 Simon courses MV Agusta ITA 0
32 Sina Agios calyx Outside 0
33 Niccol Antonelli calyx ITA 0
34 Zonta van den Gorberg calyx OLA 0
35 Taiga Hada calyx JPN 0
36 Rory Skinner calyx GBR 0
37 Alex Toledo calyx Spa 0
38 Peter Besekirski calyx pee 0