MotoGP, Japanese Grand Prix: Motegi Circuit Presentation

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The most exciting world championship in recent years is moving to Japan. pilots MotoGPyou will compete in a mode GP From Motegi. After 4 consecutive successes, the second place got an advertisement AragonAnd the pico Bajnaya She continues her path until leader From the world Fabio my quarter. Points that stand out red cloud And the evil There are only 10. ring Motegi It will be the fifteenth of the season MotoGP and lower classes, Moto 2 e Moto3. With a World Championship yet to be decided, we can already report that the Creators Championship has been invaded by ducatiin order to The third year in a row.

Motegi Circuit

A look at Motegi Racecourse

I’m back to running in Ring Twin in MotegiFor the 39th time. In recent years, the Japanese race has not been held for safety reasons COVID-19, but now everything is ready to return to the battle on the right track. In the last two editions, Mark was on top of the podium Marquisboth in 2019 and 2018. To find a file The Italian driver who won a race MotoGP in JapanWe have to go back to 2017 with Andrea Dovizioso. An interesting detail worth noting are the victories in 2018 and 2019 in Moto 2.: In those years two young Italian drivers were still racing in MotoGPwhich is pico Bajnaya Luca Marine.

The path length is 4801 mwith good 8 Curves that bend to the right e 6 hanging on the left. The points to cross are not a few: starting at the straight, it is possible to take advantage of the first wide curves bending to the right, and then continuing with a small straight extension. to me Checkpoint From the first sector we find another extension of the long path, which will lead us to industrial bend curve 7 e 8. Past industrial bend From the second sector, it reaches hard at the curve 10too narrow on the right, which will then open the way to a very long track 762 meters. The pilots will travel an equal distance in the race 115.2 km. Fastest lap in the race from Jorge Lorenzo in 2014 with time 1’45” 350. The same Majorcan set the fastest lap during qualifying in 2015, with time 1’43” 790.

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Watch out for the racing vehicles

Michelin motorcycle tires
Michelin motorcycle tires

pyro tramasuMotorsports manager From Michelinclearer like back MotoGP in Japan It may still bring some Frequency in choosing rubber for racing. This is because Michelin It brought a rear wheel drive update in 2020, and these innovations haven’t been track tested Motegi.

These are the statements of the responsible person Motorsport Michelinpyro tramasu: “Motegi It is a “stop and go” circuit. There is very hard braking, so the front tire will be under a lot of pressure, even if we certainly don’t find the same temperatures. That we have misano and advertising Aragon. The central part of the rear tire is also under a lot of pressure, precisely because there is a lot of acceleration. But The biggest unknown is that we haven’t run since 2019, So we don’t know in what circumstances we will find the path“.