MotoGP, Quarteraro in black crisis: angry for a reason

Yamaha world champion Fabio Quartararo had said so at the start of the year, and Yamaha ran for cover too late.

The French driver liked an engine with more HP. On a track like Aragon, without the proper power under the tank, Quartararo couldn’t have done anything in direct comparison to the Ducatis. No less than 4 Borgo Panigale bikes qualified in the first two classes. Overwhelming dominance, interrupted only by Alex Espargaro Aprilia and Yamaha M1 Diablo. Little, too little to be happy today.

Fabio Quartararo (Photo LaPresse)

The only positive aspect is that points are awarded on Sunday, and in the race the centaur performances from Nice are still very respectable. It may be more choppy than usual in this period, but Quartararo and his bike are doing their best on Sunday. Of course, all this may not be enough again. Next year, the Diablo will have a more advanced engine, but at the end of the season there will be trouble. Pecco Bagnaia has been on a positive streak for four races, just when the problems on Iwata’s bike started. On the favorable track, in theory, Fabio made a huge mistake. Retirement to Assen risks weight like a rock, also because all the centaurs’ fears and Bagnaia’s hopes have begun.

In fact, Beko has back-to-back victories, regaining 61 points. Five races ago the gap between the two was 91 points. Everything seemed, firmly, in the hands of the champ, but MotoGP runs fast and everything changes. Now the world champion is under heavy criticism, with a difference of only 30 points. There would be plenty too if Fabio had a bike capable of competing for the podium on a consistent basis, but in the last few rounds he has only reached the podium once, second in Austria. Satan suffers terribly, but the last word is never said. In case you missed the qualifications, you can find a report here.

The Great Hope of Fabio Quartaro

The centaur risked crashing to the ground in an attempt to raise the bar in qualifying performance. In the last attempt he kidnapped for the sixth time, but he did not want to throw in the towel. Speaking to Sky Sports, the world champion said:We are always strong in speed, I feel strong, but in qualifying we can do nothing. Even with the smoothness I’ve always experienced and in the last sector we go very slowly. The problem is with the engine: we solve the last corner and we don’t lose there, so we lose in a row compared to the Ducati, up to four-tenths “. The Centaur loses four tenths in a head-to-head confrontation with Ducati Desmosedici GP22s.

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The Frenchman miraculously kept the bike upright with a 2-turn rescue.Pretty weird save because I wasn’t really bent. I’m glad I made it, also because on the next lap I sat in the second row, otherwise I would have finished fourth. We struggle to overtake because of the enginebut we have potential on the pace: for me to get into the top five tomorrow would be very good.Or,” Fabio explained. In Spain, Ducati could continue its extraordinary winning streak. Pecco also has the advantage of being “defended” by his teammate, Jack Miller, and the other bikes in the Italian house. If Enea has half a chance, he will try, but the first candidate is Bagnaia. Here you will find all of tomorrow’s MotoGP race times.