MotoGP, the initiative of some of the big names is scary: Amazed fans!

MotoGP, the initiative of some of the big names is scary: Amazed fans! Basically a nice idea that makes everyone proud

Several of the first-class riders, along with others in the Superbike, decided to help one of the less fortunate, who had just recovered from a horrific injury. This is the English Gino Rhea.

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The MotoGP You’re preparing for a really important weekend experience for at least two reasons. The first is linked to the standings and the world championship is a fight between them Fabio Quartararo and “Pico” BagnaiaNoteworthy, duel heroes. there ducati This season, he’s been far superior to Yamaha The ad must also be confirmed Aragon. The second reason is Marc Marquez returns after a few months of rest. The Spaniard is ready to get back on track, having finally resolved the problems with his right arm. Which unfortunately did not solve their problems is instead Gino Ria. The British driver suffered a serious accident in Suzuka. else August 6Team rider FCC TSR Honda France, crashed poorly during free training for the Japanese endurance race, at the height of another chicane. Hospitalization, with the immediate operation, saved his life, but the recovery problems certainly did not exhaust. Rhea, a former pilot in Superbike e Moto2In fact, it takes expensive treatments to try to restore memory.

MotoGP, some big names besides Gino Rea: the great initiative to help him

Gino Ria
Gino Rea on the podium in Malaysia (AnsaFoto)

To get out on the track for help Gino Ria There are former teammates of prestige, belonging to MotoGP and for Superbike. We are talking about Jack Miller and Chaz Daviswho mobilize to help him.

The British pilot suffered an extensive focal injury. Pilot Shannon’s sister, recently stated: “This is a complex brain injury that affects a person’s physical, cognitive and emotional functioning. The type of injury varies in recovery times and degree of recovery from individual to individual.” Then he adds: “Geno may need a few months or even a few years to recover, although unfortunately his short and long-term memory is seriously compromised and professional treatment is required to restore it.”

In order to raise money it was created Crowdfunding on with a goal of at least £125,000. As I mentioned Gazzetta dello sportAnd the Shannon points: “For Geno to fully recover, we need to raise funds to continue the costly rehabilitation. To get the best possible outcome, we need help no matter how small it is.”. Among the pilots who joined the initiative there are also Alex Luz, Brad Bender, Miguel Oliveira and British Champion Taran McKenzie. So far, the amount collected is slightly more than 33 miles sterling.