MotoGP, the proceedings of the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix in the Moto3 class

Super Sasaki! Posted by Max Piaget: Ayumu Sasakia Husqvarna rider from the Romanian champion Sterilgarda Racing team makes a real masterpiece, e Despite two long lap penalties, he fell back to 22nd and then recovered to win a race Austrian Grand Prix On the sound of records, with even faster turns than pole position. Sasaki is victorious against fellow countryman Suzuki, who keeps the Leopard team colors high, seeing opaque Fujiya only in 12th place. Also on the podium is Spaniard Munoz, who finally reached the finish line after colliding twice on the last lap and mocking Turkey’s Onko on the goal line. Fifth was World Championship captain Sergio Garcia, who took two points over fellow gas giant Izan Guevara. A Race to Forget for the Italians: Already mentioned in Foggia, Nepa was 15th, Rossi 19th, Bartolini 20th, Minio punished for knocking out Tatay.

Race When the traffic lights go out, Pullman Holgado rides well, but the best player on the first lap is Tatsuo Suzuki, who jumps from seventh to first and takes the lead at the start of the second. To beat that would be shortly after Ayumu Suzuki, who weighs two penalties on the long lap. For dropping Garcia’s last British award, Japan’s Biagi team crashed past 20th despite having the fastest pace. Meanwhile, several riders take turns in front, including Munoz, Suzuki, Onko and Guevara. Denis Foggia suffers at first, while remaining in the top ten. Oncu is being put under investigation for cutting chicane and slipping from top positions. Little by little they try to separate, but the paths lead to a constant reunion. The other Italians fighting for the top ten are Nepa and Migno, while Rossi slips back and also takes a long penalty kick that leaves him completely sidelined. Which impresses anyway Ayumu Sasaki climbs twice as fast as the others And in a few laps, when there are 15 rounds left, she’s back in the top 10! While Tatay falls after contact with Migno (who was penalized) and takes Foggia out of the top ten, Sasaki rises again to eighth and alone takes charge of returning to the leading group, which meanwhile has gained about one second. Chasers. The Japanese lower their track record and jump like Skittles Moreira, Holgado, Munoz, Garcia, Onko, Suzuki and Guevara, to take the lead in the race 11 laps from the end! Sasaki was then easily able to maintain the lead with only compatriot Suzuki able to follow his pace. The two manage to dig a small groove on an 8-passenger group, of which the Foggia is not a part. The eight stalkers became seven laps by seven laps from the finish because Masia fell with Foggia, thus effectively back in the top 10. They try to get back to the leaders Oncu and Munoz, who meet the two leaders at 5 laps from the end. But while the two hook Suzuki, Sasaki tries to leave but without luck due to the many tracks. The last two laps start with the first four charters and a second set of four with the big names Garcia and Guevara. At the beginning of the last lap, Sasaki is first, Suzuki tries to overtake him on every brake but fails, quite the opposite Sasaki stretches out and goes to win on his own! Suzuki manages to keep Munoz and Onko in trouble And the end of the first four like this! Fifth Sergio Garcia, who earns two points on the seventh Guevara. Only Foggia is twelfth, with Nepa No. 15 the only other Italian in points.

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Moto3 World Ranking after the 2022 Austrian Grand Prix

POS. the ball moto nation points
1 Sergio Garcia rub Spa 193
2 be Guevara rub Spa 188
3 Dennis Foggia Honda ITA 144
4 Ayumu Sasaki Husqvarna JPN 138
5 James Macia KTM Spa 127
6 Denise Onko KTM should 127
7 Tatsuki Suzuki Honda JPN 114
8 Andrea Minno Honda ITA 84
9 Father Carlos CF Moto Spa 70
10 Xavier Artigas CF Moto Spa 64
11 Kaito Toba KTM JPN 63
12 Ryosi Yamanaka KTM JPN 62
13 Daniel Holga KTM Spa 56
14 Ricardo Rossi Honda ITA 54
15th Diogo Moreira Honda BR 54
16 David Munoz KTM Spa 48
17 John MCPHEE Husqvarna GBR 40
18 Ivan Ortola KTM Spa 38
19 Stefano Nepa KTM ITA 30
20 Adrian Fernandez KTM Spa 29
21 Elia Bartolini KTM ITA 23
22 Joel Kelso KTM Outside 22
23 Scott Ogden Honda GBR 20
24 Matthew Bertel KTM ITA 16
25 Lorenzo Villon Honda From 11
26 Mario Ajimore Honda when 5
27 Taiyo Furusato Honda JPN 0
28 Alberto Bates Honda ITA 0
29 Anna Carrasco KTM Spa 0
30 David Salvador Husqvarna Spa 0
31 Sherif El-Din Azman Honda but 0
32 Luca Luneta KTM ITA 0
33 Gerard Rio, male KTM Spa 0
34 Joshua Whatley Honda GBR 0
35 Nicolas Fabio Carraro KTM ITA 0
36 Jose Antonio Rueda Honda Spa 0
37 Mark Garcia KTM Spa 0
38 David Alonso rub Spa 0